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This quick reference tool was created by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to be used as a resource for improving professional skills and ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. Users are encouraged to read and repeat, in Spanish, commonly used medical phrases stated or asked during the medical interview. This tool has been developed for healthcare providers and staff which may come in contact with Spanish-speaking bilingual patients, who can provide their answers in English. This tool has not been developed to be used with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients. Best practices for communicating with LEP patients are with the support of a certified or trained interpreter. ©2020

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“Good morning!”

¡Buenos días!

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“Good afternoon!”

¡Buenas tardes!

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“How do you feel?”

¿Cómo se siente?

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"What are your symptoms?"

¿Cuáles son sus síntomas?

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“Have you taken any medications?”

¿Ha tomado algún medicamento?

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“Does anything make your symptoms better or worse?”

¿Hay algo que alivie sus síntomas o que los empeore?

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“Rate your pain on a scale of
1 to 10.”

En una escala del uno al diez, dígame ¿Qué nivel de dolor tiene?

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