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School of Medicine Alumni Newsletter

Spring 2013

The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) alumni publications are published biannually by the Division of Public Affairs. The publications highlight education, clinical practice, alumni, and research for the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, and Health Related Professions.

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An architect’s depiction of the south facade of the new medical school. Courtesy of CDFL Architects and Engineers.
An architect’s depiction of the south facade of the new medical school. Courtesy of CDFL Architects and Engineers.

Hope on a Grand Scale

Putting more students into UMMC’s School of Medicine would be like trying to cram a size-12 foot into a size-10 shoe.

Building Hopes: Dedicated facility would herald statewide impact

The University of Mississippi School of Medicine is grappling with an array of space problems on the UMMC campus in Jackson. These issues jeopardize the school’s ability to produce enough physicians for the state’s needs and give students a modern, high-quality education that prepares them to ultimately play a leading role in improving the health of Mississippians.

Beebe a driving force for more family physicians

To her colleagues, students and patients, Dr. Diane K. Beebe, professor and chair of family medicine, is known as a down-to-earth professional who’s as discreet and reassuring as her white lab coat. 

New statewide initiative to swell physician ranks

Not only is Dr. Diane Beebe helping shepherd a national crusade to bring more medical students to the family medicine fold, she’s also spreading the message directly to the home folks.

Father and son are just what the Delta ordered

For previous generations, the bland and modest white-brick building on Belzoni’s Church Street dispensed everything from traveler’s checks to legal counsel, from credenzas to Cadillacs.

Fighting the Stigma

For some Mississippians, the only thing worse than dying from HIV/AIDS is admitting they have it.

Surgical Symphony

On a recent morning at Batson Children’s Hospital, the sounds of surgery filled Operating Room 6: monitors beeped, a ventilator hissed, suction tubes squished, Tom Petty’s heart broke.

Lifelike Construction

It began as a swollen red mark on his nose, but that swelling grew so fast that when 70-year-old Gladstone Jones of Waynesboro went to have it checked by a physician, the dermatologist said they had to take immediate action.

Alumni Reunion

Fifty years have passed since Dr. Ted Blanton attended a lecture in the School of Medicine, but the sight of his old classroom bounced his memory like a reflex hammer.

Class Notes

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