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School of Medicine Alumni Newsletter

Spring 2014

The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) alumni publications are published biannually by the Division of Public Affairs. The publications highlight education, clinical practice, alumni, and research for the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, and Health Related Professions.

Ideas for stories are welcome and may be submitted by email to Tom Fortner.

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Alternating between prescription pads and drawing pads, Dr. Kim Sessums finds a few moments in his clinic office to resume working on a portrait commissioned by one of his colleagues.
Alternating between prescription pads and drawing pads, Dr. Kim Sessums finds a few moments in his clinic office to resume working on a portrait commissioned by one of his colleagues.

J. Kim Sessums, Doctor of Arts

In Brookhaven, a southwest Mississippi town of about 12,500, a woman walked into an OB/GYN clinic brandishing a tool used to cut down trees. She was looking for Dr. J. Kim Sessums.

Art teaches physicians to see the big picture

If you’re a physician, you don’t have to draw, paint or sculpt to be an artist; often, the only thing you have to do is your job.

50 Years in Medicine: Still-active physicians extend legacy of healing

Long before the Affordable Care Act and Medicare, before AIDS and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, before Dr. James Hardy transplanted the first lung and multiple editions of Dr. Arthur Guyton’s Textbook of Medical Physiology had been published, graduates of the School of Medicine had entered the advanced specialty training that ultimately would leave an indelible impression upon the health of the state and the nation.

She has teaching on the brain: The education of Dr. Kimberly Simpson

Near her hometown of Warminster, Pa., at Grace United Presbyterian Church in Horsham, she learned from the man who was called there to preach.

Philanthropy: Barksdale Scholars: Awards salute family’s lineage of physicians

In 2013, seven more future physicians benefitted from the commitment of Mississippi’s Barksdale family, which continues to fund scholarships for medical students at UMMC.

Philanthropy: Smith Chair: First Smith Chair awarded to Dr. Louis Harkey

Becoming a national figure in neurosurgery would have probably been enough for most people.  But for Dr. Robert R. Smith, the former chair of UMMC’s Department of Neurosurgery, a distinguished academic career wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy his wide-ranging interests. 

News Digest

 A quick look at Medical Center news

Philanthropy: Lehan’s Legacy: Endowed chair honors legendary chief of cardiology

They don’t make medical school faculty members like Dr. Patrick Lehan anymore.  If they did, life would be a lot more interesting.

Research Roundup

Catch up on the latest findings from UMMC scientists

Practice Rounds: Advice and Dissent

The case of the woman who died in childbirth still haunts and mystifies Dr. Michelle Owens.

Practice Rounds: The Dermatology Gap

When cancer survivor Niki Rickles of Vicksburg called to make an appointment for a screening at the University of Mississippi Medical Center Cancer Institute’s Melanoma Clinic in May, she was originally told she couldn’t be seen until August.

Practice Rounds: A Weight Lifted

For Elizabeth Beasley, these numbers sum up her long struggle with obesity: the 50 pounds she gained after she had lost 40, her type 2 diabetes, her blood pressure, her countless diets, her 40th birthday.

New Faculty

Medical center welcomes New faculty