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Heart-health study highlights risks for African-Americans

Heart-health study highlights risks for African-Americans

Researchers have identified three areas of concern among several key risk factors contributing to the higher prevalence of heart disease among African-Americans, according to a recent report published in Preventive Medicine's May 2015 issue.

The report cited Jackson Heart Study (JHS) research that measured "life's simple seven" (LSS), a list of behaviors and health factors impacting the potential development of cardiovascular disease. These factors - body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, total cholesterol, fasting plasma glucose, smoking, exercise, and diet - were assessed in African-Americans over a 13-year-period.

Dr. Adolfo Correa, interim director of the Jackson Heart Study (JHS) and a professor of medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, co-authored the article that relied on LSS data collected from the 4,132 African-American participants in the Jackson metro area.

The seven metrics were collected over three separate visits with participants and were used to rank heart health levels as either poor, intermediate or ideal.

While surveys on these metrics have been conducted in the past, the JHS study is one that focused solely on African-Americans.

"What's different here is the lower prevalence of ideal levels for blood pressure, body mass index and fasting glucose," said Correa, comparing JHS figures with national LSS rates based on the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

Correa said those three particular LSS measurements didn't appear to improve over the period of the study.

The findings from this large group, called a cohort, were then used to determine which LSS markers were more common among African-Americans that could explain this group's higher risk for heart disease.

Correa said positive findings coming from the study included the low amount of current smokers compared to national figures - 11.9% in the JHS group compared to 24.5% in the NHANES information - as well as an increase in physical activity over the years of the study.

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UMMC staff receive service recognition

UMMC staff receive service recognition

The Medical Center is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries this week:

30 Years

Carolyn Bealer, animal lab technician, Laboratory Animal Facilities

Nancy Hamilton, air/ground pediatric/neonatology nurse, Batson Children's Hospital (Patient Transport)

Kathy Hyde, nursing shift supervisor, University Physicians (Cancer Institute hematology/oncology radiation oncology)

25 Years

Catherine Bardin, assistant manager, Printing

Evora Knight, nurse educator, Winfred L. Wiser Hospital for Women and Infants (Women's Infant Certification Services)

Dr. Tina M. Martin, professor of nursing, School of Nursing

20 Years

Karen Brady, inpatient nurse, Batson Children's Hospital (3C)

Donald Hovas, pharmacist, Pharmacy

Dr. John C. Hyde, professor of general health professions, School of Health Related Professions

Willie Lyles, medical technologist, Adult Hematology Lab

Sandra Wyatt, respiratory therapist, University Hospital (Respiratory Therapy)

Ann Young, financial systems analyst, University Physicians (Central Billing Office)

15 Years

John Douglas, transport nurse, University Hospital (Adult Critical Transport)

Wendy Johnson, security guard, Campus Police

Nell McFarland, ambulatory nurse, Batson Primary Clinic

Dr. Damian Romero, associate professor of biochemistry, School of Medicine

Mary Walker, oncology nurse, Children's Cancer Clinic

10 Years

Jennifer Butler, nurse, University Hospital (Surgical Suite)

Jonathan Depoyster, nurse, CCH (Surgical ICU)

Dr. Leilani Greening, associate professor of psychiatry, School of Medicine

Kevin King, flight transport nurse, Helicopter Transport

Audrey Landfair, inpatient nurse, Holmes County Hospital

Lisa McGee, medical technologist, Laboratory

Dr. Christy M. Morgan, associate professor of occupational therapy, School of Health Related Professions

Edna Taylor, pharmacy tech, Pharmacy

5 Years

Briccili Allen, respiratory therapist, Batson Children's Hospital (Respiratory Therapy)

April Atwood, inpatient nurse, CCH (Neuroscience ICU)

Sandra Burt, utilization review nurse, Medicaid Eligibility

Laurie Crumpton, inpatient nurse, Batson Children's Hospital (Newborn ICU)

Dr. William C. Flowers, clinical affiliate faculty, School of Medicine (Pediatrics-Adolescent Medicine)

Dr. Ying Ge, postdoctoral research fellow, School of Medicine (Pharmacology and Toxicology)

Tamara Gillam, inpatient nurse, Batson Children's Hospital (Newborn ICU)

Sarah Goff, inpatient nurse, University Hospital (Emergency Department)

David Gordy, researcher, School of Medicine (Radiology)

Kelli Harris, inpatient nurse, Batson Children's Hospital (2C)

Brandi Hurdle, inpatient nurse, CCH (Neuroscience ICU)

Emily Jeter, inpatient nurse, CCH (5 Bone Marrow)

Annaliese Johnson, inpatient nurse, Batson Children's Hospital (Emergency Department)

Theresa Johnson, social worker, Home Dialysis

Karen Jones, accounting supervisor, Accounting Department

Wanda Keith, CVOR surgical tech, University Hospital (Surgical Suite)

Robert Kiker, inpatient nurse, CCH (Surgical ICU)

Kirstie Lesley, nurse, Batson Children's Hospital (Newborn ICU)

Daymon Lunsford, optician, School of Medicine (Ophthalmology)

Nicole Magee, education administrator, School of Medicine (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Jason McCaffrey, transport, University Hospital (Adult Critical Transport)

Beatrice McFarland, inventory and supply technician, OR Materials Management

John Melvin, coordinator, Performance Improvement

Robert Middleton, transport, University Hospital (Adult Critical Transport)

Dr. Sydney R. Murphy, assistant professor of pharmacology and toxicology, School of Medicine

Benjamin Patin, nurse, CCH (Surgical ICU)

Debrina Perez, ambassador services supervisor, Ambassadors

Whitney Pleasant, nurse educator, Batson Children's Hospital (4C)

Miriam Robinson, inpatient nurse, Batson Children's Hospital (Newborn ICU)

La'Chelle Rush, billing specialist, University Physicians (Charge Entry)

Jessica Smith, inpatient nurse, University Hospital (2 North)

Sarah Stoner, pediatric cardiology nurse, Batson Children's Hospital (Pediatric ICU)

Ellen Swoger, associate chief information officer, Information Systems

Cory Toyota, multicultural affairs tutor, ROPE

Margaret Wilson, administrative assistant, School of Medicine (Family Medicine)

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MSU engineer's talk, Marston Symposium top week's events

A couple of interesting events is scheduled for the upcoming week at the Medical Center.


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MSU engineer's talk, Marston Symposium top week's events
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