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  • Mississippi Regional Biophysical Consortium

    Investigators using biophysical techniques in the state of Mississippi have joined together into a user’s consortium to facilitate the sharing of instrumentation and analysis capabilities.

    Provided is a list of members, their affiliation, instrumentation and biophysical expertise. Our goal first and foremost is getting Biophysical science done. By posting Biophysical resources and expertise on the MBC website we hope to facilitate getting experiments done and analyzed. This should enhance the quality and quantity of our research efforts, including undergraduate and graduate studies, and publication of our results in peer reviewed journals.

    This should further be useful in enhancing the Biophysical instrumentation available in the state through improved funding success, especially grants and proposals that involve shared instrumentation. Members listed on this web page agree to share access to equipment and resources and contribute to analysis and discussion of Biophysical data.


    The mission of the Mississippi Regional Biophysical Consortium includes: advertisement and sharing of biophysical instrumentation, topical seminars (advertised on this site), organizing workshops, and facilitating collaborations and grants.

    Disclaimer: Membership in this consortium represents the opportunity for Mississippi colleges and Universities participating in the consortium to share resources (not financial), expertise and collaborators in the general area of biophysics. The parties understand and agree that being a member and listed on this web page does not commit any of the parties to participate in any of the specific activities discussed on this site.

    Affiliated institutions

    University of Mississippi 

     University of Mississippi Medical Center

    Mississippi College

    University of Southern Mississippi

     Belhaven College

    Millsaps College

    Mississippi State University

    University of Alabama in Huntsville


    Board of directors

    Jack Correia, UMMC

    Ed Lewis, MSU

    Charles McCormick, USM

    Randy Wadkins, UM

    Wolfgang Kramer, Millsaps


    Techniques and equipment


    • Analytical ultracentrifugation - UMMC
    • Anton Paar DMA 500 density meter - UMMC
    • Laser optical tweezers - UMMC
    • Circular Dichroism - Millsaps College, MSU
    • Dynamic Light Scattering - MSU
    • Differential Scanning Calorimetry - MSU
    • nmr - MSU, UM 
    • Olis CLARiTY

    Meetings of interest