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Frequently Asked Questions

Library passwords

Do I need a username and password to access the library's electronic resources? If so,what is my library password?
Yes, if you are off-campus you will need to log into access resources. No password is required to log in when you are on-campus. Your UMMC ID and password provides access to library resources when off-campus.

What should I do if I have problems with my password?
If you have problems with your password, call the DIS Help Desk at (601) 984-1145.

Computer/access problems

Can I print information from my laptop computer while I am in the Library?
Yes, but you will need to download the printer driver to your laptop first. Click here for that information.

If all the computers in the reference area are busy, what are my options?
Circulation has laptop computers available to UMMC faculty, staff and students for use within the library. UMMC badge is required for checkout.

Can I access the internet on my personal laptop computer while in the library?
Yes, there is Wi-Fi throughout the library.

Who can help if the library printer is out of paper?
Contact library faculty or staff in Circulation or Reference.

Getting started on research

Where do I look to find journal articles on a specific subject?
To find journal articles on a specific subject, you will search an electronic database by the subject. On the Library homepage, choose Databases under RESEARCH/INSTRUCTION column to browse databases (under "Find" category), or choose PubMed (under "Search" category) to search most health-related topics. Choose CINAHL (under "Search" category) for nursing and allied health subjects. For a complete list of all available databases, choose All Databases (under "Search" category). Consult one of the reference librarians if you are not sure which database is appropriate for your topic.

Where do I look to find a book or journal title available at the Rowland Medical Library?
To find a specific book or title held at Rowland Medical Library, go to the library homepage and click on Classic Catalog in the RESOURCES column. The initial search screen for the catalog allows for a general keyword search. For a specific search such as for author, title, journal title, or subject, select the Search tab at the top and open the drop down menu to select a specific field to search.

Locating journals or articles in the library

Where is your list of journal titles so I can check to see if you have the journal titles on my reference list?
On the library homepage, click E-Journals or E-Journals by Subject (under "Find" category in the RESEARCH/INSTITUTION column. You can browse by title or subject. You can also search by journal title.

I have found the journal title I need listed in the online catalog, but no call number is given. How do I locate the journal title on the library shelves?
Journals are arranged alphabetically by title, therefore no call number is necessary. The current year's unbound print journals may be found on the first floor of the library on the wooden shelving. Bound journal volumes published from 1990 forward are housed toward the back of the second floor of the library on movable shelves. Journals published before 1990 are kept in an off-site storage facility and must be requested. Off-Site Request Forms are available at the Circulation Desk and online. Other locations in the catalog may indicate: Incompletes, which means that some issues are being held until completed; or, Bindery, indicating the volume is not available. In both cases, ask the reference librarian for assistance.

Locating books in the library

I copied a call number from the online catalog, but could not locate the book on the shelf upstairs. Where do I need to look?
Books published from 1990 forward are located in the book stacks on the second floor of the library, arranged by the call number. The shelves are located to the left and right of the elevator/stairs. Make sure the catalog indicates the book is available. Books published in 1989 and before are housed off-site and must be requested. The Off-Site Request Form is available electronically or at the Circulation Desk. Leisure Books and Reference titles are located on the library's first floor.

I have looked on the shelf and cannot find a book, which the online catalog shows as "available." Where is it?
First, check study tables and the shelves in photocopy areas. If you still cannot locate the book, ask someone from Reference or the Circulation Desk to assist you. If the item is not located, a lost/missing form can be completed by library staff to continue the search. You will be notified if/when the book is located.

Searching databases for specific information

How do I obtain a complete list of the databases to which Rowland Medical Library subscribes?
Go to the library homepage and click RESEARCH/INSTRUCTION. All Databases is located under the "Search" category. This opens an A-Z list of all databases the library currently has available.

What databases should I use to search for journal articles?
This is not an exhaustive list of databases available, but can serve as a brief guideline to certain subject areas.

  • PubMed - all health sciences topics
  • CINAHL - nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, healthcare administration, health informatics
  • Business Source Complete - health care administration, management
  • SCOPUS - all health sciences topics, humanities, management
  • Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews - all health sciences topics
  • ERIC - Topics related to education
  • Psychinfo, PsycArticles - topics related to psychology and psychiatry

What databases should I use to find best-evidence, appraisal sources?

Full-text information

Where do I find some full-text books online?
Go to the library's home page and the RESEARCH/INSTRUCTION column. E-Books is under the "Find" category. Click on E-Books, and enter a keyword or title to find links to available editions.

Where can I find full-text patient care information?
You can locate patient education materials in UpToDate, DynaMed, and the Nursing Reference Center, all available on the library's database page or from MedlinePlus, a free consumer health database from the National Library of Medicine.

Interlibrary loan

Who is eligible to use the interlibrary loan service?
The interlibrary loan service at Rowland Medical Library is offered to UMMC faculty, students and staff.

Does Rowland Medical Library charge for processing an interlibrary loan request for UMMC faculty, staff and students?
It depends. Requests for books almost always incur a charge to the patron, usually $11. Requests for journal articles are free up to $25, which is normally sufficient. However, if the library has exceeded the copyright limit on a particular journal (applies only to articles from the previous five years), an additional copyright fee may be applied and you would have to pay any amount in excess of $25. Library staff will contact you before ordering to make certain that you are willing to pay.

How do I submit an interlibrary loan request?
Complete the Interlibrary Loan Request Form found by visiting the Library's home page, under the Service Forms category.

How long does an interlibrary loan transaction take?
The average time for staff to process article requests is two to four working days but each request is processed individually according to its unique characteristics so some may take longer. Patrons are notified if a request requires more time for searching and negotiation with the owner institution. Books may take up to several weeks to obtain.


My book was due on Friday so I put it in the book drop. Why am I receiving a fine?
Materials are picked up from the remote book drops twice a day at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. except on Saturdays and Sundays. If an item due on a Friday is put in the book drop after 3 p.m., it will not be picked up until Monday morning. Thus it will be returned late resulting in a fine. Placing items in the book drop inside the library or in library lobby area helps to avoid this type of fine.

I received a fine notice on one of the books I had checked out from the library and I can't find the book. I am afraid I have lost it. What should I do?
Report a lost book to Circulation immediately. At the time a user reports an item lost, that date is noted on the user's record leading to a smaller fine. The library and the user initiate a thorough search procedure for several days. If the item is not found after several days, the user must declare the book lost and make arrangements to replace it. Fines stop accruing when the user declares the item lost. If the user does not inform the library that the book is lost, the fines continue to cumulate daily.

Book collection/purchases/donations/recommendations

How do I make a purchase recommendation for the library?
Click here for a purchase recommendation form or you may come to the library and request a Library Materials Request form at the Reference Desk.

Is the library interested in being given my old health sciences books?
The library is currently limiting donations due to space and staff restraints. If a bibliographic list of titles is provided, the library will review the list and select titles that would benefit Rowland patrons. Once the gift is received, the library reserves the right to determine its disposition. Archival materials will be considered as well as papers and historical materials concerning UMMC's history.