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  • Infection Prevention and Control

    Each physician, including each pathologist, dentist and nurse, as well as the superintendent, administrator or other person in charge of any hospital, institution, school or day care center, shall report to the Mississippi Department of Health any case or suspected case of communicable or reportable disease, including those hereinafter listed, which he/she is attending, has examined, or of which he/she has knowledge. Such report shall include, unless otherwise specified, the patient’s name, address, age, race, sex, the disease or suspected disease and the date of onset of the disease.

    All reports so made are considered confidential. Reports of Class I diseases should be made  to the Office of Epidemiology, Mississippi Department of Health, Jackson, MS, by telephone within 24 hours of diagnosis. Unusual cases or circumstances, including any outbreak, should be reported the same as Class I.

    Case report cards are supplied through the local health department for written reports. When a report to the local health department is made by telephone or in person, the local health officer shall be responsible for preparing the case report card. Case report cards are located on nursing units, the Infection Control Department and the Mississippi Board of Health.

    • Class I diseases – Immediate Report: Diseases of major public health importance which should be reported directly to the Office of Epidemiology by telephone on first knowledge of suspicion. Class 1 also includes any suspected outbreak including foodborne outbreaks.

      TOLL-FREE reporting line: 1-800-556-0003 (601-576-7725) in Jackson calling area.
      The Office of Epidemiology is available for consultation regarding any aspect of reportable diseases.

      For after hours, night and weekend assistance or for emergency case reports, call (601) 576-7400, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • Class II diseases – Report within one week.

    Mississippi Department of Health Reportable Diseases