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Postdoc Communication Skills Building

A key element of core competencies for all scientists is the ability to communicate. To further extend your training in Oral Communication Skills, the Office of Postdoctoral Studies organizes a monthly Oral Presentations Series.

Goals and objectives
The overall goal of these sessions is to provide opportunity for postdocs, instructors, and fellows to further train in Oral Communication Skills.

Additional objectives are sharing of research interests and techniques to facilitate new collaborations, practicing of job talks, and developing grant ideas. 

The seminar series will consist of different types of presentations:

  • Technique sharing
    Postdocs, fellows and instructors will deliver presentations that are focused on new and novel technologies that may be of interest to the broader research community.
  • Research updates
    Postdocs, fellows and instructors will practice for seminars, conference talks, or job talks.
  • Special topics
    The organizer(s) will select special topics for 1-2 sessions per year that include aspects of professional development relevant to postdocs, fellows and instructors.

Presentations can vary in length and multiple presenters can speak during one monthly session.

The audience will provide the presenter with constructive feedback using an evaluation sheet with comments and suggestions after the talk.

When and Where

All presentations are held at 3-4 p.m. on the third Wednesday of the month in Classroom 6A.

Snacks are provided.

Sign Up

Let Dr. Lique Coolen know which date you want to present:


September 20th
Special topic:    with a cherry on top (PostDoc Appreciation Event)

October 18
20 Minutes Technique Sharing talk:  Dr. Kristin Edwards

November 15
20 minutes Research Updates:   Dr. Carolina Dalmasso and Dr. Samuel Adeosun

December 20
40 Minutes Technique Sharing talk:   Dr. Aleisha Moore: Whole Tissue Clearing and Imaging Techniques

January 17
20 minutes Research Updates:   Dr. Xuan Li and Dr. James Cook

February 21
20 minutes Research Updates:   Dr. Fabio Gava and Dr. Lili Shi

March 21
20 minutes Research Updates:   Dr. Lais Berro and Dr. Justine Dees

April 18
20 minutes Research Updates:   Dr. Marilyn Burke and Dr. Kiran Soni

May 16
45 minutes Research Update:    Dr. Edgar Torris