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PhD Student Travel Programs

Trainee Travel Program

The School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences (SGSHS) Trainee Travel Program will provide up to $1,500 per academic year for PhD trainees who are presenting their research at a conference. Moreover, graduate students who are awarded an individual extramural fellowship grant are also eligible to receive an additional travel stipend of $1,500 to present their research findings at a national meetings. Click on the link below to complete a Travel Request.

Professional Skills Travel Program

The Graduate School also supports the Professional Skills Travel Program. This program provides up to $1,500 per academic calendar year for PhD graduate students who have passed their qualifying exam and have been admitted to candidacy. The student will be allowed to attend one workshop, review course, etc., per academic year. This workshop, review course, etc.m cannot be in conjunction with a scientific meeting. 

Prior to completing a Travel Request form for the Professional Skills Travel Program, a student must submit a Professional Skills Travel Program Request Form. If the form is approved by the Dean of the Graduate School, the student will then complete a Travel Request form with the documentation attached and submit it to the Graduate School. Click on the link below to complete a Professional Skills Travel Program Request Form.