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UMMC Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is a representative group of volunteer members who live and work in the greater Jackson region, and advise leaders and investigators at the University of Mississippi Medical Center on issues of interest to the broader community with a special focus on participation in clinical trials, population-based research studies, and participation in biobanks. CAB members are dedicated community activists, interested professionals and valued volunteer leaders in the Jackson community.

This board is an essential partner in achieving the UMMC research mission of improving the health of Mississippians through scientific discoveries. Through quarterly board meetings, ongoing committee assignments, and ad hoc working groups, the CAB members are in regular communication with the leadership of the research mission. As a member of the UMMC CAB, members have the opportunity to actively participate in the development and refinement of research standards and policies. This forum gives community members the opportunity to participate in the research process and help ensure that the research fills the need of our diverse community. As well-informed advisors, these members are routinely solicited for their views and opinions and often influence decisions impacting the broader community.

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If you are interested in receiving feedback from the CAB on a project you are currently working on, please contact Dr. Felicia Caples or by calling (601) 815-9019.