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  • Susan Warren, PhD

    Warren, SusanProfessor
    Office: R719
    Phone: (601) 984-1671
    Lab: R717
    Lab Phone: (601) 984-1660
    Fax: (601) 984-1655
    E-mail: swarren@umc.edu


    • Undergraduate: BS, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth (formerly Southeastern Massachusetts University), Dartmouth, MA, 1976, Biology
    • Graduate training: PhD, Penn State University- M.S. Hershey Medical Center, 1982 Thesis:The Somatosensory Thalamus of the Raccoon: An Anatomical and Electrophysiological Investigation of the Nucleus Ventralis Posterolateralis, Advisor: Benjamin H Pubols, Jr., PhD
    • Postdoctoral training: Physiology and Biophysics, NYU School of Medicine. Mentor: Esther P. Gardner, PhD
    • Postdoctoral training: NIMH fellow, Psychiatry, Washington University, St. Louis, MO. Mentor: Mary Carlson, PhD 

    Teaching responsibilities

    • School of Dentistry (SOD)
      • Lecturer - Dental Gross Anatomy          
      • Course Director, Lecturer - Dental Microscopic Anatomy
      • Course Director, Lecturer - Dental Neuroanatomy
    • School of Medicine (SOM)
      • Lecturer - Medical Gross Anatomy        
      • Co-Course Director, Lecturer - Medical Histology and Cell Biology
      • Lecturer - Medical Neurobiology
    • School of Graduate Studies (SGSHS)
      • Lecturer - Responsible Conduct of Research   
      • Lecturer - Neurophysiology, Program in Neuroscience (PIN)          
      • Lecturer - Foundations in Neuroscience (PIN)

    Research interests and program

    Key words: Trigeminal system, Blink circuits, Oro-facial behaviors, Visual motor system, Gaze circuitry, Eye-head coordination, Somatosensory system, Thalamic spatio-temporal coding circuits, Complex tactile pattern coding

    My research interests center around three broad areas:

    • The trigeminal system circuitry underlying the interplay of discrete sensory contributions arising from face, muscles and oral cavity that contribute to coordinated oro-facial behaviors including blinking, chewing, swallowing and speech production
    • In conjunction with a colleague, visual motor system premotor circuitry underlying gaze and eye-head coordinated movements
    • The somatosensory system circuitry underlying object feature recognition (size, shape texture, motion) particularly in the sensory thalamus and primary sensory cortex.  My research program takes a multifaceted approach combining varied anatomical techniques (tracers, viral vectors), extracellular recording and stimulating physiological techniques, together with several animal models (monkey, cat and mouse). The goal of this laboratory is to gain a better understanding of the components of neural circuits contribution to a wide array of stereotypic behaviors including orofacial behaviors and eye-head movements.

    Current funding

    NIH, NEI

    TITLE: Midbrain Circuitry for Neuronal Control of Gaze

    Dates: April 2015 through March 2019

    Award: $759,969/year

    S. Warren, Co-Investigator (15%); P.J. May, Principal Investigator

    Selected publications

    Peer-reviewed papers

    • Bohlen, MO, Warren S, and May, PJ. (2015)  A central mesencephalic reticular formation projection to the supraoculomotor area in macaque monkeys. Brain Structure and Function, Published online: 10 April 2015.
    • Perkins, E, May, PJ, and Warren, S. (2014) Feed-forward and feedback projections of midbrain reticular formation neurons in the cat. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, Online: January 2014. 
    • Wang, N, Perkins, E, Zhou, L, Warren, S, and May PJ (2013) Anatomical evidence that the superior colliculus controls saccades through central mesencephalic reticular formation gating of omnipause neuron activity. J. Neurosci. 33(4):16285-16296, 2013.
    • Warren, S and May, PJ (2013) Morphology and connections of intratrigeminal cells and axons in the macaque monkey. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, Online: 29 May 2013. 7(11):1-18.
    • Wang, N, Warren, S, and May, PJ (2010) The macaque midbrain reticular formation sends side-specific feedback to the superior colliculus. Exp. Brain Research Online: 26 November 2009. 201:701-717.
    • Perkins, E, Warren, S, and May, PJ (2009) The Mesencephalic Reticular Formation as a Conduit for Primate Collicular Gaze Control: Tectal Inputs to Neurons Targeting the Spinal Cord and Medulla. Anatomical Record A Online: 30 July 2009. 292(8):1162-1181.
    • Zhou, L, Warren, S, and May, PJ (2008) The Feedback Circuit Connecting the Central Mesencephalic Reticular Formation and the Superior Colliculus in the Macaque Monkey: Tectal Connections. Exp. Brain Research Online: 14 June 2008
    • Warren, S, Waitzman, DM, and May, PJ (2008) Anatomical Evidence for Interconnections Between Central Mesencephalic Reticular Formation and Cervical Spinal Cord in the Cat and Macaque. Anatomical Record A, 291:141-160.
    • Perkins, E, Warren, S, Lin, R, C-S, and May, PJ (2006) Projections of Somatosensory Cortex and Frontal Eye Fields Upon Incertotectal Neurons in the Cat. Anatomical Record A, 288:1310-1329.
    • Lohmeier, TE, Hildebrandt, DA, Warren, S, May, PJ, and Cunningham, TJ. (2005) Recent insights into the interactions between the baroreflex and the kidneys in hypertension. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 288:R828-R836.
    • Lohmeier, TE, Warren, S, and Cunningham, TJ. (2003) Sustained activation of the central baroreflex pathway in obesity hypertension. Hypertension. 41:96-102.
    • May, PJ, Warren, S, Chen, BZ, Richmond, FJR, and Olivier, E. (2002) Midbrain reticular formation circuitry subserving gaze in the cat. Annals of New York Academy. 956:405-408.
    • May, PJ, and Warren, S. (1993) Ultrastructure of macaque ciliary ganglion. J. Neurocytol., 22:1073-1095.
    • Gardner, EP, Hamalainen, HA, Palmer, Cl, and Warren, S. (1992) Simulation of motion on the skin: V. Effect of stimulus temporal frequency on the representation of moving bar patterns in primary somatosensory cortex of monkeys. J. Neurophysiol., 67:37-63.
    • Warren, S, Hamalainen, HA, and Gardner, EP (1986) Coding of spatial period of gratings rolled across the receptive fields of somatosensory cortical neurons in awake monkeys. J. Neurophysiol. 56:623-639.
    • Warren, S, Hamalainen, HA, and Gardner, EP (1986) Objective classification of motion and direction sensitive neurons in primary somatosensory cortex of awake monkeys. J. Neurophysiol. 56:598-622.
    • Warren, S, Keiahan, AM, and Pubols, BH Jr. (1986) The somatosensory thalamus of the raccoon: properties of single neurons responsive to light mechanical stimulation of the forepaw. J. Neurosci. 6:308-317.
    • Hamalainen, HA, Warren, S, and Gardner, EP (1985) Differential sensitivity to air puffs on human hairy and glabrous skin. Somatosensory Res. 2:281-302.

    Reviews, chapters and books

    • Warren S, Capra, NF, and Yezierski RP (2012) The Somatosensory System I: Tactile Discrimination and Position Sense. Fundamental Neuroscience, 4 ed. Churchill Livingstone Inc., N.Y., pp.262-279.
    • Warren S, Yezierski RP, and Capra NF (2012) The Somatosensory System II: Touch, Thermal Sense and Pain.Fundamental Neuroscience, 4 ed.  Churchill Livingstone Inc., N.Y., pp. 280-301.
    • Warren, S, Hamalainen, HA, Palmer, CI, and Gardner, EP (1991) Transformation of Spatio‑temporal Information by Somatosensory Neural Networks. In: Werner‑Gren International Symposium Series: Information Processing in the Somatosensory System.  O Franzen and J Westman, eds.  Macmillian Press, London. 
    • Gardner, EP, Hamalainen, HA, Palmer, CI, and Warren, S (1988) Touching the Outside World: Representation of Motion and Direction within Primary Somatosensory Cortex. In: Sensory Processing in the Mammalian Brain: Neural Substrates and Experimental Strategies. JS Lund, ed. Oxford University Press, N.Y. pp. 49‑66.
    • Burton, HB, Carlson, M, and Warren, S (1987) Development of Tactile Function following Damage to Ssomatic Sensory Cortex inInfant Macaca. In: Effects of injury on trigeminal and spinal somatosensory systems. LM Pubols and BJ Sessle, eds. Alan R. Liss, Inc., N.Y. pp. 437-449.
    • Pubols, BH Jr, and Warren, S (1985) Information processing within the raccoon somatosensory system. In: Development. Organization and Processing in Somatosensory Pathways. M.J. Rowe and W.D. Willis, eds. Alan R. Liss, Inc., N.Y. pp. 183-189.

    Recent abstracts

    • Bohlen, MO, Warren, S, Blumer R, Stahl J and May PJ. (2014) The organization of extraocular muscle motoneuronal pools in the mouse. 2014 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. Program No. 62.12.
    • May PJ, Bohlen, MO, Warren, S and Horn A. (2013). The Central Mesencephalic Reticular Formation - A New Near Triad Nucleus. The Pupil Colloquium. 2013.
    • May PJ, Bohlen, MO, and Warren, S (2013) Morphology and distribution of two inputs to the oculomotor nucleus in macaque. 2013 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. Program No. 363.03.
    • Bohlen, MO, Warren, S, Moreno, AP, and May, PJ, (2013) Does the fastigial nucleus project directly to oculomotor motoneurons? 2013 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. Program No. 363.04
    • Bohlen, MO, Warren, S, Mustari MJ, and May, PJ, (2013) Investigation of rectus motoneurons subdivisions related to fiber type and layer in the cat. 2013 Gordon Research Conference.
    • Horn-Bochtler, AK, Bohlen, MO, Warren, S, and May, PJ (2012) Evidence for central mesencephalic reticular formation playing a role in the near triad. 2012 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. Program No. 373.12.
    • Bohlen, MO, Warren, S, Mustari MJ, and May, PJ, (2012) Are there subgroups of rectus motoneurons related to fiber type and Layer in the Cat? 2012 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. Program No. 371.02.
    • Warren, S, Horne, AKE, Bohlen MO, and May, PJ (2011) Does the central mesencephalic reticular formation project to vertical gaze motoneurons? 2011 Neuroscience Meeting Planner Program No. 699.05.
    • May, PJ, Horne, AKE, Mustari MH and Warren S (2011) Central mesencephalic reticular formation projections onto oculomotor motoneurons. 2011 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. Program No. 699.01
    • Warren, S, and May, PJ (2010) Targets of the tectal projections to the oculomotor nucleus. 2010 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. San Diego, CA: Society for Neuroscience, 2010. Online. Program No. 894.10.

    Previous academic appointments

    • 1987-1993: Assistant Professor of Anatomy, UMMC
    • 1993- 2011: Associate Professor of Anatomy, UMMC

    Accomplishments and honors

    • 1992: Basic Science Teacher Award: Dental School
    • 1996: Evers Society All Star Teacher in Basic Science (numerous)
    • 2006: Norman C. Nelson Order for Teaching Excellence (numerous)
    • 2006: Hembree Honor Society D1 All Star Teacher (numerous)