Dental Hygiene

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  • Dental Hygiene


    You may be interested in dental hygiene as a career if you think you would enjoy:

    • Helping people improve their health;
    • Providing direct patient care and working with people;
    • Being a part of the health care team;
    • Working with your hands;
    • Various career opportunities in areas such as clinical practice, public health, education or research; and
    • The ability to have flexible working hours.

    The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) Dental Hygiene department offers two programs of study:

    • The entry-level, traditional baccalaureate program is a dental hygiene program for students who want to earn a dental hygiene license.  Upon completion.  Upon completion of the five semester, 22-month face-to-face program, students earn a bachelor of science degree and are prepared to apply for and obtain a dental hygiene license.
    • The dental hygiene advanced standing online program (DHAS program) enables licensed dental hygienists the opportunity to earn a bachelor of science degree in dental hygiene.  For more information on this online program, click here.

    UMMC serves as a health science campus providing traditional dental hygiene students with a variety of clinical opportunities.  In addition to a varied exposure of clinical sites, students have access to a medical library, diverse patient populations and interactions with a variety of health care providers.