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  • Cancer Research and Registry

    Welcome to the Cancer Research and Registry (CRR) home page. The Department of Cancer Research and Registry is comprised of three different divisions: Clinical Trials, Mississippi Cancer Registry and the UMMC Cancer Registry. The department supports the University of Mississippi Medical Center's mission of research, education and patient care through the different divisions.


    • Provide accurate reporting of cancer data for UMMC and Mississippi to support patient care, research and cancer control;
    • Support clinical cancer care with treatment and prevention studies to enhance the treatment options for our patients and community;
    • Serve as a clinical training site for health information management and technology students to educate students in cancer registration.

    How to reach us

    • Hours: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday
    • Location: MK-1001, UMMC Cancer Institute at Jackson Medical Mall
    • Phone: (601) 984-1095.

    Cancer Institute conference room scheduling

    • Contact: Ophelia Spencer, (601) 984-1095
    • Outlook room name: CI - MK1109 Conference Room

    Population served

    The populations served by the department are diverse. They include patients, patient families, physicians, the general public, cancer researchers, and other health care professionals within and outside of the UMMC system; students; affiliated institutions in multiple states through our cooperative group research efforts; and national cooperative group statistical centers and operations offices.


    Services are provided to patients with cancer and participants in cancer treatment, prevention and control studies. Adult patients are served through cancer research studies while cancer registry employees work with patients of all ages in performing registry follow-up. Cancer data for Mississippi residents is provided through the Mississippi Cancer Registry.

    Services offered

    Departmental employees support many aspects of the University of Mississippi Medical Center's institutional cancer program. This includes maintenance of the UMMC cancer registry, coordination of cancer conferences, the Clinical Cancer Committee, and support for cancer treatment and prevention studies, and cancer screening programs.

    The department coordinates institutional participation in several national cancer research groups including the Southwest Oncology Group, Gynecologic Oncology Group, Radiation Oncology Group, and the Cancer Trials Support Unit. Patient studies are provided for cancer treatment, control and prevention.

    The Mississippi Cancer Registry, a division of Cancer Research and Registry, collects and reports cancer data for Mississippi residents. Selected data are available to the public and cancer researchers.

    The department serves as a clinical site for students in the Health Information Management Technology program.

    Standards for operation/accreditation

    The department assesses performance through conformance to standards and through its performance improvement initiatives. The UMMC Cancer Program is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, the accrediting agency for cancer programs. The UMMC cancer registry, cancer conferences, Clinical Cancer Committee, and the quality improvement programs must meet the standards of the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.

    Each cancer research cooperative group has standards for participating in cancer related clinical trials. Data submission standards are monitored and must be maintained on an ongoing basis. Audits of patient records, data collection forms, radiographs, investigational drugs, institutional review board approvals and consent forms takes place at least once every three years.

    Data on UMMC cancer patients are reported to the Mississippi Cancer Registry monthly. Data must meet standards specified by the Mississippi Cancer Registry. The Mississippi Cancer Registry conducts periodic data audits. Annually, UMMC data is provided to the National Cancer Database. Data must meet the reporting standards set by the National Cancer Database.

    Data maintained by the Mississippi Cancer Registry must meet the requirements of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Program of Cancer Registries.

    Department goals

    • Maintain American College of Surgeons accreditation of the UMMC Cancer Program.
    • Support the development and expansion of the UMMC Cancer Institute.

    Clinical trials goals

    • Coordinate UMMC's participation in adult cancer research studies for cancer treatment and prevention sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, industry and UMMC researchers.
    • Provide cancer treatment studies for adult cancer patients through UMMC's participation in the Gynecologic Oncology Group, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group, and the Southwest Oncology Group.
    • Maintain data submission standards for cancer research studies conducted at UMMC.

    Mississippi Cancer Registry goals

    • Obtain gold certification of the State of Mississippi cancer incidence data reported to the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries.
    • Submit cancer incidence data for Mississippi that meets Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standards.
    • Publish cancer data for Mississippi via the interactive link on the Mississippi Cancer Registry website.
    • Coordinate and make presentations at the Fall Cancer Registry Workshop.

    UMMC Cancer Registry goals

    • Organize and publicize the multidisciplinary cancer conferences.
    • Coordinate cancer program studies of quality and performance improvement initiatives.
    • Submit UMMC registry data to the Mississippi Cancer Registry and the National Cancer Database that meet standards fro data submission.
    • Provide assistance with AJCC staging.