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Experimental Therapeutics

The Experimental Therapeutics program members work to find new drug therapies for cancer and to design more effective drugs that specifically target cancer and are less toxic.

The program unites investigators from UMMC and the University of Mississippi and physicians at UMMC in efforts  find new products with anti-cancer properties and test it on specific cancers.

The program unites basic researchers, translational researchers and physicians to more quickly identify and develop new therapies, to make those therapies highly effective and to minimize side effects.  

Dr. Shou-Ching Tang, associate director for clinical and translational research, heads the program. 

Members of this program search for:

  • Molecular and genetic targets, delving into therapies for types of cancer, subtypes and variations within those subtypes in a quest to fully provide personalized medicine.
  • Natural products or components of natural products that have cancer-fighting properties.
  • Natural products or components of natural products that boost the body’s natural cancer-fighting mechanisms.

Scientific members

  • Timothy Allen
  • Premalatha Balachandran
  • Pier Paulo Claudio
  • Anderson Collier
  • Yann Gibert
  • Clark Henegan
  • Ikhlas Khan
  • Richard Roman
  • Kenneth Sufka
  • Chalet Tan
  • Shou-Ching Tang
  • Srinivasan Vijayakumar
  • Larry Walker


  • Marie Barnard
  • Mahavir Chougule
  • Mahmoud ElSohly
  • Mark Hamaan
  • Thy Huynh
  • Muhammad Ilias
  • Rahul Khanna
  • Hoang V. Le
  • Narashima Murthy
  • Jason Paris
  • Ziaeddien Shairiat-Madar
  • Marcus A. Zachariah

Clinical members

  • Christopher Anderson
  • Mark Anderson
  • Laura Arnold
  • Jennifer Barr
  • Christopher Bean
  • Carolyn Bigelow
  • William Black
  • Robert Brodell
  • Barbara Craft
  • Muhammad Omar Chohan
  • Derrick Davis
  • Jared Davis
  • Pierre de Delva
  • Truman Earl
  • Stephanie Elkins
  • Catherine Gordon
  • Robert Hamilton
  • Thomas Helling
  • Vince Herrin
  • Betty Herrington
  • Talal Hilal
  • Chad Huckabay
  • Lana Jackson
  • Gina Jefferson
  • Cynthia Karlson
  • Felicitas Koller
  • John Lam
  • Gustavo Luzardo
  • Ben McIntyre
  • Melissa McNaull
  • Gail Megason
  • Carter Milner
  • Toby Momah
  • Jacob Moremen
  • Dennis Morgan
  • Laura Newman
  • James Neil
  • Shannon Orr
  • Charles Pound
  • Louis Puneky
  • Mildred Ridgway
  • James Shiflett
  • Grace Shumaker
  • Vani Vijayakumar
  • Chad Washington
  • Kelly Wilkinson

Emeritus members

  • Joe Files
  • David Pasco
  • Tate Thigpen
  • Ralph Vance