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Cancer Control, Epidemiology and Disparities Research

Cancer Control, Epidemiology and Disparities Research, a developing program, seeks to lower cancer deaths in Mississippi by understanding the epidemiology of cancer and the risk factors associated with cancer.

Members in this program, headed by Dr. Michael Stefanek, seek to answer questions including:

  • Why are some groups of people more susceptible to cancers than other groups?
  • Are some communities threatened by unrecognized environmental causes of cancer?
  • Do some subcultures more readily accept or encourage certain risky behaviors such as smoking?
  • Why do some people not seek cancer screening or effective treatment for cancer?
Members work in multiple ways including:
  • Working with communities to identify and overcome obstacles to cancer education and care.
  • Studying Mississippi cancer statistics to highlight areas of greatest concern.
  • Working to lower risk factors.

Scientific members

  • Arthur Cosby
  • Heather Hanna
  • Robert McMillen
  • Thomas Payne
  • Jennifer Robinson
  • Deidre Rogers
  • Holli Seitz
  • Michael Stefanek
  • Michelle Williams


  • Roy Duhe
  • Abigail Gamble
  • Kathleen Ragsdale
  • Angela Robertson
  • Connie Baird Thomas

Affiliate members

  • Vinayak K. Nahar