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Cancer Control, Epidemiology and Disparities Research

Cancer Control, Epidemiology and Disparities Research, a developing program, seeks to lower cancer deaths in Mississippi by understanding the epidemiology of cancer and the risk factors associated with cancer.

Members seek to answer questions including:

  • Why are some groups of people more susceptible to cancers than other groups?
  • Are some communities threatened by unrecognized environmental causes of cancer?
  • Do some subcultures more readily accept or encourage certain risky behaviors such as smoking?
  • Why do some people not seek cancer screening or effective treatment for cancer?

Members work in multiple ways including:

  • Working with communities to identify and overcome obstacles to cancer education and care.
  • Studying Mississippi cancer statistics to highlight areas of greatest concern.
  • Working to lower risk factors.


  • Marino A. Bruce
  • Thomas Dobbs
  • Roy Duhe
  • Deborah Konkle-Parker
  • Robert McMillen
  • Vinayak Nahar
  • Jennifer Robinson
  • William Robinson
  • Deirdre Rogers
  • Michael Welsch

Associate Members

  • Eldrin Bhanat
  • Paul Burns
  • Julio Cespedes
  • Caroline Compretta
  • Abigail Gamble
  • Katherine Hall
  • Christina Jordan
  • Carolann Risley
  • Holli Seitz
  • Manvi Sharma
  • Rajesh Talluri
  • Toms Thomas
  • Elisa Torres
  • Chigozie Udemgba
  • Amy Winter