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MoFlo XDP Cell Sorter

The MoFlo XDP is a high speed cell sorter with the capacity to simultaneously perform 1- to 4-way sorting. The system is equipped with a 488 nm blue laser, a 355 nm UV laser and a 635 nm red laser. Our current setup can detect two light scatter parameters and six fluorescent parameters; four on the blue laser, one on the UV laser and one on the red laser making it possible to simultaneously detect and analyze eight different sorting parameters. Samples can be sorted into 12x75 mm FACS tubes or 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes for 4-way sorts, and into 15 ml centrifugation tubes or 50 ml centrifugation tubes for 2-way sorts. In addition, the MoFlo XDP is equipped with the Cyclone sorting option allowing for cells to be directly sorted into 1536-, 384-, 96- or 24-well plates or onto standard slides.

The MoFlo XDP instrument is operated only by the Flow Cytometry facility staff.

MoFlo XDP Configuration*

*The filter configuration on the MoFlo XDP is interchangeable.