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Planning Milestones and Timeline

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Following establishment of the Governance and Oversight bodies – Strategic Planning Office (SPO), Strategic Planning Executive Steering Committee (SP-ESC), and Strategic Planning Council (SPC) – the four major buckets of work required to establish a robust and effective strategic planning function at UMMC are:
  • Update of 2019-20 strategies
  • Development of planning infrastructure, including:
    • Creation of monitoring tools and dashboards
    • Establishment of data processes feeding planning and monitoring efforts
    • Integration of financial planning and budgeting processes with other key resource planning processes (capital, systems, facilities, faculty, and other human resources) as well as marketing and business planning        
  • Creation of strategic plan for 2021-25 along with corresponding structure and processes to support execution of the associated strategies, goals, and tactics

A UMMC strategic planning timeline (PDF version) has been created to visually convey where we are in the strategic planning process. This timeline will be updated as changes occur.