Strategic Plan

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Phase Four: Implementation Plan

Phase Four encompasses implementation planning and must immediately follow any strategic planning exercise. In its absence, many strategic plans created with good intentions end up sitting on shelves, gathering dust. UMMC is the process of developing the implementation plan which will drive the execution of the strategies. The following outputs will be major components of our implementation planning efforts:

  • Milestones and metrics attached to each strategy
  • Assigning individual(s) responsible for the attainment of key metrics
  • Developing timeframes for reaching metrics/goals
  • Staffing, technology and operational resources required to implement the strategy
  • Establishing a Strategic Plan Committee which provides oversight for all strategic plan efforts

Each defined strategic goal and strategy has a champion that is responsible for execution. Each champion is responsible for forming a clear plan for implementing the strategy. The champion will develop an action plan that incorporates tactics and performance metrics and outlines how the strategy will be implemented. The Strategic Plan Committee will evaluate the action plans, determining what strategies should be immediately addressed and what resources or support are needed to execute the strategy. The Strategic Plan Committee, working with the strategy champions, will continually monitor the progress and successful implementation of the strategies. A comprehensive communication campaign will be mounted to ensure that internal and external audiences are well informed about the strategic plan.

The Implementation Plan is represented in the graphic below.