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  • Dr. and Mrs. Guyton and family
    Dr. and Mrs. Guyton and family

    The Guyton Family

    • Dr. David L. Guyton, Professor of Ophthalmology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
    • Dr. Robert A. Guyton, Professor of Surgery and Chief of the Cardiothoracic Division, Emory University, School of Medicine
    • Dr. John R. Guyton, Associate Professor of Medicine, Duke University
    • Dr. Steven W. Guyton, cardiothoracic surgeon at Virginia Mason Clinic, Seattle
    • Dr. Cathy Greenberger, internist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • Dr. Jean Gispen, rheumatologist in Oxford, Mississippi
    • Dr. Douglas C. Guyton, anesthesiologist in Reno, Nevada
    • Dr. James L. Guyton, orthopedic surgeon at Campbell's Clinic in Memphis, Tenn.¬†
    • Dr. Thomas S. Guyton, anesthesiologist in Memphis¬†
    • Dr. Gregory P. Guyton, orthopedic surgeon in Baltimore, Md.