Physical Facilities

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  • Vehicle, UMMC Minivan

    Below is the policy and procedures for UMMC Minivans.


    1. May be used for official Medical Center business only and only by full‑time UMMC personnel who have a valid Mississippi driver's license.
    2. May be used for trips of less than 250 miles ‑ one way
    3. May be used for a duration not to exceed two (2) days. Use limited to four (4) days per month per department to assure access by all departments.
    4. Exception: Approval for extended use by the Executive Director of Physical Facilities.
    5. May be used for the transportation of passengers and luggage only. No patient transportation allowed, unless approved by the Executive Director of Physical Facilities.
    6. For any travel outside the Jackson metropolitan area (over 50miles), a Travel Request should be submitted and an approved copy given to Physical Facilities before keys can be released. Driver will provide preventive maintenance checks while on extended trips.  If there is no cost, then the Travel Request only requires the department head's signature.
    7. For travel under 50 miles, a Vehicle Trip Authorization Form,from Physical Facilities, will be completed with the department head's signature and a charge code.
    8. Trip should originate and terminate at the Medical Center campus. UMMC vehicle should not be parked at a private residence.
    9. Driver is responsible for removing debris from interior of vehicle before vehicle is turned in. Failure to do so can result in department forfeiting future driving privileges.
    10. Notify Physical Facilities at 601-984-1400 or 601-984-1420 (24 hours) as soon as feasible if vehicle is involved in an accident or requires repairs during trip.
    11. Use of the vehicle will be based on a mileage charge consistent with UMMC Travel Reimbursement policy and will be subject to change.
    12. Twenty four (24) hour notice is required if the trip is canceled or if the van is no longer needed. Please call 601-984-1405 to cancel. Failure to give 24 hour notice could result in the department forfeiting future reservations.


    1. Reservations may be made by calling extension 4-1405, Physical Facilities office.
    2. Twenty four (24) hour notice is required is the trip is canceled of if you no longer need the van.
    3. A Vehicle Trip Authorization form should be completely filled out. Employee should present valid driver's license so number can be recorded on form. Present approved Travel Request, if required.
    4. The keys may be picked up in the Physical Facilities Trailer #1, which is open 24 hours a day. UMMC credit cards are provided for purchasing gasoline, etc.
    5. Keys, credit cards, charge tickets, and completed Vehicle Trip Authorization form should be returned promptly to the Physical Facilities office. A copy of the Vehicle Trip Authorization will be sent to Accounting.
    6. Any minor vehicle damage or needed repairs are to be reported to Physical Facilities when returning the vehicle.
    7. A charge for miles traveled will be made against the authorized account by Accounting.
    8. Seat belts will be used by the driver and passengers when operating UMMC vehicle.