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  • Signage

    Signage at the University of Mississippi Medical Center is overseen by the UMMC Wayfinding Committee. Chartered by the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, the committee has the exclusive responsibility for achieving a unified, consistent and highly functional system of signage and other way finding methods to enhance the ability of persons to orient themselves and efficiently navigate the UMMC interior and exterior campus environment. The committee's scope of responsibility includes temporary signs, signs in areas adjacent to the campus and at UMMC facilities not on the main campus.

    The signage production and approval process is categorized in two ways:

    1. Standard and non-standard requests. This typically includes most requests submitted by departments.
    2. Construction projects and/or special requests.

    UMMC Typical Signage Standards will be the basis for all new standard signage. Non-standard signs will be submitted and reviewed on an individual basis.

    All standard and non-standard requests

    1. All Signage and Routine Maintenance Service requests should be entered through an automated form on the UMMC Intranet. Under "Hot Spots," locate the link for "Physical Facilities Maintenance/Construction Service Request." The TMS (Total Maintenance Management System) will generate a work order number and send an email to the request or to confirm that Physical Facilities received the request. Requests must include references to the UMMC Typical Signage Standards.
    2. The Physical Facilities "Expeditor" will receive the request via TMS and coordinate with department to develop a submittal package.
    3. When necessary, the Expeditor will forward the submittal package to the committee for action. If, however, the proposed sign is in compliance with signage standards, this step will not be necessary.
    4. If committee review is required, the Expeditor will coordinate committee comments with the department and resolve any issues.
    5. The Expeditor will confirm a purchase order and procure signage for department.
    6. Link to Standard and Non-Standard Requests

    Construction projects and/or special requests:

    1. Signage will be submitted by the design professional associated with the project.
    2. Signage designs should be based upon UMMC Typical Signage Standards where possible.
    3. The signage or wayfinding package is submitted as a "Project Submittal" to the Construction Department.
    4. When necessary, the Expeditor will forward the submittal package to the Wayfinding Committee for action.
    5. When necessary, the Committee will review, make recommendations, and return approved or modified submittal to Expeditor.
    6. Expeditor will coordinate committee comments with Physical Facilities Construction Department.
    7. Signage will be procured and installed by the project.
    8. Link to Construction Projects and/or Special Requests