Physical Facilities

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  • Environmental Services

     UMMC Environmental Services maintains about 44 building locations (non-hospital areas) and two million plus square feet.  Management support stands ready to assist you with any help you may need in evaluating your Environmental Service needs.


     The professional Environmental Services team will foster trust within the department by keeping communication channels open, promoting innovation and creativity, and giving recognition to excellence in performance.

    Services We Offer

    Services that we offer are seven step cleaning of non-hospital areas.  This includes classrooms, teaching labs, offices,lobbies, rest rooms, hallways, stairs, conference rooms and locker rooms. Housekeeping services include, but are not limited to sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, disinfecting, stocking the restrooms, cleaning blackboards, trash removal, and set-ups for Medical Center functions. The work that is done is completed by highly qualified and trained employees and insured accuracy by outstanding supervisors.

    Feedback of our services is obtained through surveys and one on one meetings.  If you have any immediate needs click here to submit a service request. 

    We Provide:   Departmental staff with a comfortable environment, convenient access to materials and state of the art equipment needed to perform their job and simplified yet thorough cleaning procedures.

    We Expect:   Caring Departmental staff to remain compassionate, take ownership of the buildings they maintain and display dedication and loyalty with a service attitude.