Physical Facilities

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  • Maintenance Services

    UMMC maintenance shops/areas 

    • Boiler room

      • Also known as the Central Plant or Power Plant
      • Manages the domestic water supply to the campus through four wells and the elevated tank
      • Generates chilled water used to cool buildings
      • Produces steam used to heat UMMC's campus
      • After hours maintenance technicians that respond to emergency/urgent requests from 4 p.m. -8 a.m.
    • Carpenter

      • Provides a wide variety of services including general maintenance tasks such as repairs to roofs, floors, windows,cabinets, ceiling tile, chair/hand rails, door and door hardware
      • Handles replacing damaged signage, lock repairs, lock replacement, re-keying requests and key cutting duties
    • Electric

      • Performs both corrective and preventative maintenance on all campus electrical systems
      • Systems include lighting (indoor and outdoor),power distribution, emergency power generation, nurse call, paging, fire alarms, motor starters, and various other electrically powered equipment.
    • Grounds

      • General upkeep of the grounds and landscape at the Medical Center
      • Grass cutting, edging, weed eating, weeding, tree and shrub trimming, flower bed care, trash and debris pick-up, weed control and lawn fertilization
    • Machine

      • Repairs and maintains mechanical equipment such as fans, motors, pumps, etc.
      • Prime responsibility is to perform preventive maintenance on all equipment to prevent failures and to extend the life of our equipment
      • Repairs carts, sterilizers and Environmental Services equipment
    • Motor pool

      • Repairs, maintains, and reconditions autos, vans, trucks,tractors, loaders, lift trucks, mowers, and small engines on miscellaneous grounds equipment
      • Performs routine preventive maintenance and other functions of a major full-service auto care center
      • Performs technical repair and testing of complex systems that include computer ignition, electronic fuel injection, electric hydraulic systems, and air conditioning on both gas and diesel equipment.
    • Paint

      • Processes  and supervises all painting requests for the University Medical Center
      • Hangs wall coverings and paints interior and exterior surfaces
    • Plumbing

      • Maintains several different piping system that includes domestic hot and cold water, piped medical gas, fire protection water, reverse osmosis, natural gas, sanitary and storm sewer
      • Repairs to various plumbing fixtures, medical gas outlets,medical gas alarms, testing fire protection systems and pumps, and pipeline failures
    • Refrigeration

      • Maintains conditioned air in UMMC buildings 
      • Repairs and maintains all air conditioning units, thermostats,ice machines, refrigerators and coolers as well as changing air filters in every air conditioning unit
      • Installs, repairs and maintains pneumatic and electric energy management controls
    • Storeroom

      • Stocks many items needed in the daily maintenance and repair of campus buildings and equipment
      • Issues these items to the maintenance shops and charges them to the appropriate departments 
      • Keeps an adequate inventory of items that are needed on a routine bases
    • Work control

      • Acts as a clearinghouse for the transmission of the Medical Center's needs to the various maintenance areas of Physical Facilities
      • Determines the nature of your request and take appropriate action 
      • Calls are given a priority based upon their effect on life safety, patients, visitors, staff, employees and the disruption of academic study and research

    Maintenance/construction service requests

    Maintenance is responsible for the routine maintenance, repair and operation of the Medical Center's buildings, related electrical and mechanical systems, fixed equipment, utility systems and grounds.

    Construction and Renovation is responsible for any new work.  That is - work that does not involve the repairs to the existing buildings and their related systems. Vendor Permits are required for all vendor work that will affect floors, walls, ceilings, existing systems and firewalls.  Contact Construction Office, 601-984-1410, for requirements.

    • Urgent service request

      • Have a direct affect on patient care, UMMC staff and faculty or anything that represents a potential safety hazard to anyone
      • Examples may include heating/cooling problems, lighting problems, elevator out of service, and plumbing problems in a patient room/patient care or animal care area
      • Urgent  Maintenance is a 24-hour/7-day operation and can be accessed by calling Physical Facilities' Work Control at4-1420
    • Emergency Service Request

      • Create an immediate danger to human life or Medical Center property
      • Examples include, but are not limited to: major loss of a utility, water main breaks, chemical spills and serious structural problems, or any alarm
      • Emergency Maintenance is a 24-hour/7-day operation and can be accessed by calling Physical Facilities Maintenance at4-1420
    • Routine service request

      • Does not adversely affect the operation of UMMC
      • Examples may include items such as leaky faucets, squeaky door hinges, wall patching/painting room, hanging pictures and replacing stained/damage ceiling or floor tiles
      • Routine Maintenance Service requests should be entered through the UMC Intranet under "Hotspots"
      • A work order will be computer generated for the scheduling of routine/non-emergency situations
    • Improvement service request

      • Minor or small additions or changes that are "elective" in nature
      • Examples may be the addition of a new shelf or the installation of new electrical outlets
      • Contingent upon size and complexity, this request could be reassigned to the construction section
      • Improvement service request expenses are billed to the requesting department
    • Construction and renovation service request

      • New buildings or facilities additions or changes to existing buildings or facilities
      • Examples may include:  Addition of cabinets, counters and shelving to a room, new ceilings, doors, windows, and furnishing and installing new equipment
      • Some requests, due to the size and scope, will require the services of architects or engineers to develop renovation project documents

    Work order response times

    To improve communications with our customers, Physical Facilities has implemented estimated response times and completion times for Maintenance/Construction service requests.  This will give our customers a time frame from which they will know when to expect a request to be addressed.  The response times are divided into categories.  The categories are as follows: Emergency, Urgent, Routine/ Daily Operations, Improvement,Construction and Renovation.

    • Emergency Service Request, Response time = 10 Minutes,Completion time = 24 hours
    • Urgent Service Request, Response time = 30 minutes, Completion time = 4 hours
    • Routine/Daily Operations Service Request, Response time = 5days, Completion time = 30 working days
    • Improvement Service Request, Response time = 5 days, Completion time = completion is based on the scope and size of the Improvement PM date
    • Completion Construction and Renovation  Service Request,Response time = 5 days, Completion time = completion is based on the scope, size, and estimated cost of the project
    • Completion survey

      • After work order service request is completed, an email is automatically sent to the customer with the updated work order status and a link to an online survey
      • Surveys are associated with work orders and skill types
      • The TMS Survey Module tracks revisions and history of individual surveys. With this information and the tools provided with the TMS Module, Physical Facilities can analyze the results and determine areas that are working well and areas that provide an opportunity for improvement.

      If you have any questions regarding work requests or the Completion Survey, please contact Physical Facilities at ext.4-1420


    Keys may be obtained from Physical Facilities at UMC Intranet > Hot Spots> Maintenance/Construction Service Request by the department head or his/her designee.

    • Requests for keys or locks for spaces in hospital facilities should be submitted as stated in Hospital Administrative Policy and Procedure Manual - Policy HADM/L-1 (Subject: Locks and Keys in University Hospital).
    • Key and lock requests for all other Medical Center areas can only be submitted by person(s) from your department who are approved and listed on the Physical Facilities Authorization for Keys lists. Each department's Chair person is responsible for updating the people on the Key Authorization list.
    • High security Medeco keys remain the property of UMMC and must be surrendered to Physical Facilities upon termination of employment, transfer to another department, or upon request of UMMC officials, or designee.  In no case is the key to be transferred from one individual to another or obtained from any source other than UMMC. Failure to return a Medeco key upon termination or upon transfer to another department will result in a charge of $10 cash per key. A cash fee of $10 per key must be paid for replacement keys in case of loss or theft of a Medeco key.  If the key breaks, there is no charge for a replacement key.


    • Signs are requested through the maintenance/construction service request system
    • All signage for areas in the hospital must be requested through Larry Lineberry in Hospital Administration
    • All signage requests are reviewed and signs are designed to meet the UMMC Graphics Standards

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