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  • Published on April 17, 2014

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    Destroy Cancer

    University of Mississippi Medical Center physicians, researchers, nurses and many other health care providers work daily to destroy cancer in Mississippi. Click here to get a glimpse into what they're doing.

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    Cancer research growing at UMMC

    More than 120 researchers, physicians, medical and doctoral students and community leaders interested in cancer research attended the Cancer Institute's first Cancer Research Day in November ... Read more


    Multi-state research consortium convenes at UMMC to fight cancer

    Press Release - April 23, 2012
    A two-day conference at the University of Mississippi Medical Center Cancer Institute is bringing together scientists and physicians from nine Southeastern U.S. centers to improve cancer research ... Read more


    New population study seeks to reveal underlying causes of cancer

    CenterView - Jan. 30, 2012
    Beating cancer takes an army. It's why the American Cancer Society is organizing a massive population study that will follow the lives and health of up to a half-million U.S. and Puerto Rico ... Read more


    With donation from Warren Foundation, UMMC researchers better equipped to study cancer

    Press Release - Sept. 15, 2011
    A $15,000 donation to the University of Mississippi Medical Center's tissue bank by the Leonard E. Warren Melanoma Foundation will support the future of cancer research ... Read more


    Mississippi cancer patients and their families to benefit from ACS Patient Navigator Program

    Press Release - Aug. 24, 2011
    The American Cancer Society today launched its Patient Navigator Program at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) Cancer Institute ... Read more


    UMMC's breast cancer team emphasizes personalized care, appropriate treatment

    CenterView - Oct. 25, 2010
    October is the time to "think pink" for breast cancer awareness, but one highly-specialized team with University Cancer Care needs no reminders ... Read more