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Program Particulars

Obesity Health Disparities PRIDE is a two-year training program that consists of the following primary elements:

Summer Session I

The initial session of OHD PRIDE is an intensive 10-day, face-to-face program composed of “advanced and refresher mini courses” in obesity research, data collection, data analysis, intervention development, and research methods as well as skill-enhancement sessions including scientific writing, journal publishing, grant application preparation, and the responsible conduct of research.

Mid-Year Meeting

OHD PRIDE participants will meet in-person with OHD PRIDE mentors to receive individual- and group-level feedback on and support for their scientific manuscripts and research grant applications.

PRIDE Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is a venue for scholars of the Programs to Increase Diversity Among Individuals Engaged in Health-Related Research (PRIDE). This meeting, usually held in late April, is to enable scholars to present their research and form collaborations with other scholars and established researchers from the PRIDE programs. Each scholar is expected to submit an abstract, participate in one of four methods (oral platform, poster presentation, grant application submission, or mock study section review), and attend all scheduled activities.

Summer Session II

The final in-person component of OHD PRIDE will be an intensive program where participants will make formal presentations summarizing the research conducted during the research training period and attend advanced workshops on scientific writing, journal publishing, grant preparation, and mock study sections.

OHD PRIDE Alumni Network

Participants who complete the OHD PRIDE program will automatically become members of a professional network that will provide quarterly webinars covering topics associated with scientific productivity and career advancement; be a conduit of research opportunities; and serve as a source of peer-mentoring and social support.