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Melicia C. Whitt-Glover, PhD, FACSM

whitt-glover,20melicia.jpgPresident and CEO
Gramercy Research Group

Melicia C. Whitt-Glover, PhD, FACSM, president and CEO of Gramercy Research Group, and adjunct associate professor at Wake Forest School of Medicine, is an epidemiologist and exercise scientist whose seeks to understand methods to increase adoption and maintenance of health-related behaviors, primarily physical activity and nutrition, among at-risk populations. Her work is based on principals of community-based participatory research and is primarily set in faith-based institutions and other community-based organizations (e.g., schools, worksites).

Dr. Whitt-Glover is currently conducting one of the largest faith-based research studies in the country focused on promoting physical activity among African American churches. She has strong collaborations with faculty and administrators at prominent HBCUs in North Carolina (North Carolina A&T University, Winston Salem State University, Shaw University) and has been a mentor to faculty and student from them.

Dr. Whitt-Glover has training and expertise in community-based intervention studies, public health, and exercise science and her publications have focused on physical assessment; physical activity patterns among racial and ethnic minority groups; and development, implementation, and evaluation of behavioral interventions focused on physical activity and nutrition.