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Program Director's Welcome

Dear Prospective Student,

Burns, Paul.jpgWelcome to the John D. Bower School of Population Health/Department of Population Health Science. The vision of the School of Population Health is to contribute to building a world where everyone has access to appropriate, high quality, and comprehensive healthcare. We recognize that health is a human right and that health is not merely biological, but shaped by multiple forces - social, economic, political, and environmental. We envision a Mississippi and a world where all children no matter where they were born, or their ZIP code, or their parent’s annual income, or the color of their skin have access to quality housing, education, clean water and affordable health care to ensure they lead a healthy, fulfilling and productive life.
Achieving health equity requires an integrated approach spanning all government sectors and in collaboration with communities. It demands critical engagement with social and behavior theories, bold methodological experimentation, and plural perspectives from multiple disciplines brought into conversation with local communities. The John D. Bower School of Population Health and its emphasis on social determinants, translational research and community engagement is uniquely positioned to address the challenges of the 21st century and to meet the healthcare needs of vulnerable  populations, both domestically and internationally.  

We educate and train population health scientists at the master’s level to become evidence-based experts to assume leadership roles in both the public and private sector working at the intersection of research, policy and practice. Our graduates lead professional teams in multidisciplinary settings, including hospitals, clinics, universities, government agencies and community-based organizations. They provide leadership in planning and delivery of health services and products, and in the design and implementation of needed programs and interventions to strengthen health care systems to improve the health outcomes of patients and populations.

We are 1 of only 3 Schools of Population Health in the country. Our academic programs, with its flexible, modular, online learning platform is attracting students from both within Mississippi and across the nation, and more farther afield. Currently, we have a full-time faculty of 27 members. In addition, we utilize many experienced Population Health practitioners from the community as Grad Faculty to teach academic courses, serve as field liaisons and as agency-based field instructors. The University of Mississippi Medical Center is designated as a research-intensive university and our faculty are actively engaged in research which enhances their teaching in the classroom.

The John D. Bower School of Population Health has much to offer you! We invite you to learn more about our programs and our faculty in these pages and we hope you consider partnering with us to grow this program and in building a better and healthier world for all.

Paul A. Burns, PhD, MS
Assistant Professor/Director of Master’s Program
John D. Bower School of Population
Department of Population Health Science