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Biostatistics and Data Science Collaborations


The BIOSTATISTICS AND DATA SCIENCE (BADS) COLLABORATIONS offers free face-to-face micro-collaborations to researchers without dedicated data science support (to see if you have a data scientist on your team, click here) provided by the Department of Data Science in the John D. Bower School of Population Health. Everyone is invited to attend, regardless of your field of study.

Services we provide

We operate on an informal work-in system. It is often helpful to have study materials available for review during your time with us. Some things to consider packing up when you head over are:

  • IRB approved protocol
  • Current manuscript/abstract/poster draft
  • Data (if appropriate)

If you know your work requires specialized expertise in a particular area of data science, please also let us know and we will accommodate your need as best as we can. 

The broad scope of services we provide advice:

  • Preparation of studydesign
    • Assist in the formulation of aims/hypothesis
    • Share resources (e.g. books, papers, and software packages) that might help along the way
  • Implementation of analysis
    • Isolate appropriate statistical tools to get to the most useful information from the data
  • Publication of your research
    • Introduce contemporary, or novel, methods that can be applied to strengthen the foundation of the research
    • Foster new connections with other collaborative researchers in the community

Some projects may require extended collaborative arrangements. We are happy to discuss along the way on an as-needed basis. If you feel that a more structured collaboration might be a better fit for you, please reach out to our administrative team.

What we expect in return

Our team strives to meet and exceed all tenets of the ICJME authorship guidelines for all of our collaborative work. We hope that sometimes our discussion might evolve into genuine scientific collaboration, but in many cases a small acknowledgement in your paper of our assistance is suggested.

How to get started

Please take a moment to review the following Data Science Collaborative Network to determine if your team has a dedicated resource. If not, no worries, take a moment and share some info about your project in the following REDCap survey. Once submitted, our team will review and be in touch soon. We look forward to hearing from you!