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Wondwosen Kassahun Yimer, PhD

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Dr. Wondwosen Kassahun Yimer is an assistant professor in the Department of Data Science at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. His research interests encompass both statistical methodology and applications. In his previous work, he has published several articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Dr Yimer has been involved in key areas of collaborative research including diabetes, nutrition, malaria, childhood diarrhea and family planning. His methodological research focuses on models for hierarchical data, time-to-event data, and joint modeling.


  • Kassahun W, Neyens T, Molenberghs G, Faes C, Verbeke G. A Zero-Inflated Overdispersed hierarchical Poisson Model. Stat Model. 2014;14:1-18.
  • Kassahun W, Neyens T, Molenberghs G, Faes C, Verbeke G. Marginalized multilevel hurdle and zero-inflated models for overdispersed and correlated count data with excess zeros. Stat Med. 2014 Nov 10;33(25):4402-19. doi: 10.1002/sim.6237. Epub 2014 Jun 23. PMID: 24957791