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Transfer of Credit Policy

When a transfer student enrolls at UMMC, a limited amount of graduate credits earned at another recognized institution may be accepted toward degree requirements at UMMC. All transfer course work is evaluated and accepted work is recorded, without changes in grades, as part of the student’s permanent academic record. Credit will only be accepted for grades of “B” or higher. Final approval is granted by the program director and Bower School of Population Health dean or designee. 

No more than nine (9) credit hours required for graduation will be accepted for credit toward a UMMC degree. Coursework must have been earned at an institution whose academic integrity has been assured. For institutions in the United States, transfer credit will only be accepted from accredited universities. Only credit hours that have not been applied to a previous degree can be transferred.

Furthermore, acceptance of this work does not reduce the residency requirement.

Transfer of credit from institutions outside the U.S. requires assurance in the form of a course-by-course report from World Education Services (WES) or Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE). 

Courses taken by a SoPH student at another institution. Students in good academic standing may pursue training at another institution for periods up to a total of 12 months; however, credit from another institution is accepted only when it is clearly a relevant part of the student’s current program and when its acceptance has been recommended by the dean of the SoPH. A student will not receive credit for courses taken at another college or university while simultaneously attending UMMC unless prior approval is obtained from the student’s academic dean.

There is no credit given for experiential learning. Grades received in transfer courses are not used to calculate the student’s GPA, but are counted toward the hours required for a given degree. Transfer courses are indicated on the student’s transcript by the designation T, to indicate credit has been given.