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Syllabus Policy

A syllabus sets the expectations and standards for a course and includes important information for your students. The syllabus, along with the UMMC Bulletin, is the Bower School of Population Health contract with the student. The syllabus is also a record of the course as presented and is archived by the SoPH.  In cases of dispute between a faculty member and a student, the syllabus is an important piece of information in the discussion.

Because the SoPH seeks to have our syllabi as consistent and comprehensive as possible, all faculty members use this template in developing their syllabi. This template provides the kinds of administrative information to be included in the syllabus but does not dictate course content in any way.

The syllabus should be distributed to students during the first class period each semester. Copies of each syllabus should be sent at the beginning of every semester to the SoPH Academic Dean and program director. It is the responsibility of the instructor to submit these syllabi.