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Student Compliance Training Policy

All students and student/employees must receive institutional compliance training in accordance with the institutional compliance training policy and procedures.

UMMC student compliance training is managed and monitored by the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

All Bower School of Population Health students must complete compliance and biological safety training using the institution’s learning management system within 14 calendar days of beginning their academic program at UMMC. Furthermore, all students must also complete additional training modules throughout the academic year congruent with the UMMC employee compliance training schedule. All additional modules must be completed within the designated times outlined by the school.

If a SoPH student is paid by UMMC, the student must follow employee requirements for compliance training as instructed by the student compliance training.

If a student fails to complete the compliance training as outlined in this policy, the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will communicate with appropriate school personnel regarding the student’s failure to complete compliance training. Failure to complete compliance training within the designated timeframe will result in a hold on the student’s account and he/she will be given an INACTIVE status in Canvas. Inactive results in the following:

  • Inactive status in Canvas removes the SAP created courses from student access. The student is unable to view the courses or access them in any way. Work already completed or submitted in the course is not lost and is available when the student’s status returns to Active.
  • Inactive status does not affect access to the appropriate course in Canvas needed to complete their requirements and satisfy the hold.

Course assignments missed while a student is noncompliant will not be allowed to be remediated without approval from the dean. Failure to complete compliance can also result in disciplinary action up to dismissal from the SoPH.