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Student Complaints

Medical Center students have the right to complain, whether verbally or in writing, regarding any area of academic or student life without fear of coercion, harassment, intimidation, or reprisal from the institution or its employees. Students also have the right to expect a timely response to any complaint related to student life. However, defamatory or baseless charges may cause a student to be held responsible for violations of institutional policies or for action through the courts.

Whenever possible, students are encouraged to seek an informal resolution of the matter directly with the faculty, administrator or individual(s) involved. Often a complaint can be resolved in this way. If an informal approach is neither successful nor advisable, the student should use the online student complaint system found on the Medical Center's student affairs website to file the complaint.


  • The student submits the complaint using the online student complaint system maintained in the Medical Center's student affairs office. The complaint should contain (at a minimum) the date and time of the alleged conflict or action, the reason(s) for the complaint, a summary of the complaint, a list of other persons who may provide information and any appropriate documentation. The student must also include the resolution or outcome he/ she is seeking. The complaint should be submitted within ten (10) business days of knowledge of the alleged conflict or action.
  • Within two (2) business days of receipt of a completed form, the Medical Center's chief student affairs officer will notify the student's school and appropriate persons to request any information or documentation needed to resolve the complaint.
  • The Medical Center and school's student affairs officer may attempt to resolve the complaint by arranging a conference with the student, encouraging discussion between the student(s) and the faculty member/administrator, or by taking other appropriate action.
  • The student affairs officer in the student's school will submit by email to the student any resolution of the complaint within ten (10) business days of the complaint being filed.
  • If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, the Medical Center's chief student affairs officer will hear the complaint. He/she may choose to appoint a committee from the membership of the Student Affairs Council to review the information and render a recommendation to the dean of the student's school. The decision of the dean will be final.
  • A record of all complaints and their resolution will be documented and the records will be kept in the Medical Center's student affairs office and the student affairs office of each school.