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Stipend Policy

Some students in the Bower School of Population Health  may receive a stipend to cover living expenses. The current SoPH stipend is $24,150. If a stipend student receives an individual grant where the award for the stipend/living allowance is less than the $24,150, the SoPH or program will supplement the stipend/living allowance amount to raise the stipend to the current rate.

If a student receives an individual grant(s) which provides for a stipend/living allowance, then the amount paid for the stipend/living allowance should be in accordance with the rules set forth by the granting institution(s). If the grant(s) states that the student is allowed funding above the current $24,150 rate, then the student should be allowed to receive funding consistent with the departmental and granting institution policies.

All SoPH stipend students must sign the SoPH Stipend Agreement form prior to receipt of stipend. Failure to comply with guidelines set forth in the stipend agreement will result in loss of stipend.

Stipends are provided to students on a competitive basis to assist with living expenses and to ensure that they will not accumulate a large debt in pursuit of a PhD degree. Because the stipend allows the student to pursue his/her graduate work without the need to seek outside employment, students supported by stipends from either UMMC or research grants are expected to devote their full efforts to their academic classes and research projects. Specifically, this implies that a minimum of 40 hr/week is spent a UMMC with additional time at home for study and writing. Although outside employment is generally discouraged, permission may be granted to senior graduate students for the purpose of teaching a course related to their field of study as this may be considered appropriate training for an academic career. In view of this, and consistent with UMMC policy, outside employment is permitted with the written consent of the chairman of the advisory committee, the director of the graduate program, and the dean of the SoPH. An application for permission to engage in outside employment, available from the Office of Human Resources, must be completed and approved prior to seeking such employment.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in disciplinary action, up to and including loss of stipend and dismissal from the graduate program.