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Responsibilities of Program Directors

Recruitment-related responsibilities

  • Coordinate recruitment and facilitate the admission of graduate students including activities
  • Coordinate speaking to groups of prospective students, organize arrangement of campus visits of potential candidates, respond to inquiries from prospective applicants, facilitate follow-ups on prospects via mail, email, phone and campus visits.
  • Review completed applications with the departmental admissions committee.
  • In coordination with the dean of the School of Population Health, extends financial offers to accepted applicants.
  • Coordinates with the School of Population Health, facilitate arrival of matriculating students (especially international students) by providing information regarding housing, registration, financial arrangements (e.g., how/where to obtain Social Security numbers), I-9 forms, etc.
  • Coordinates orientation (both academic and social) for incoming students. Discuss rights and responsibilities of students as outlined in the AAMC compact.

Educational responsibilities

  • Mentor graduate students
  • Monitor and improve the applicant quality, time to degree, annual number of graduate students entering the program.
  • Oversee formation of students' advisory committees.
  • Oversee administration of qualifying examinations.
  • Oversee dissertation and thesis process. Although the bulk of this work will be performed by the student's mentor, the program director and the School of Population Health will serve as a guide through this process.
  • Serve as an advocate of graduate students, individually and collectively, within the program, assuring fairness of treatment.

Administrative responsibilities

  • Serve on the Graduate Council.
  • Oversee the maintenance of UMMC Bulletin materials as they pertain to the program.
  • Oversee the maintenance of graduate student records including: Information from admission package (GRE scores, GPA, undergraduate/previous graduate transcripts), courses taken and grades received at UMMC, list of seminars given, attendance and presentations at regional, national, and international meetings, qualifying examination scores, dissertation proposal, forms detailing admission to candidacy, formation of Advisory Committee, and other information relevant to the student's progress. Provide reports for institutional assessment requirements, including overall student performance relevant to SACS IEP requirements, e.g., faculty critiques of seminar performance, dissertation proposal, manuscripts, etc. to maintain accreditation\
  • Responsible for discipline/sanctioning of graduate students.
  • In coordination with the School of Population Health, provide information about grants suitable for graduate students.
  • Facilitate departmental financial support
  • File an annual report to the School of Population Health with a data and a comments section on each of the following topics:
    • profile of students admitted that year;
    • amount, sufficiency, and competitiveness of financial awards to students;
    • current status of all students;
    • placement of graduates;
    • plans for program development;
    • needed resources;
    • recommendations