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IDP Plan for Students

All PhD students (pre- and post-candidacy students) will prepare, complete, and/or revise an Individual Development Plan (using myIDP or equivalent tools). All students will discuss the IDP with their program director and research mentor (the latter: for post-candidacy students) at least once annually. In addition, all graduate students are strongly encouraged to discuss their IDP with their research mentors as often as desired.

The annual review of the IDP will take place during at least one of the semi-annual student progress review meetings between the student and program director/ mentor/ advisor. Upon completion of the review of the IDP, indicate the date of review in the appropriate box on the Individual Student Progress Report form. This form can be found on the “Forms” page of the SOPH website and in the “Student Progression Plan."

Oversight of annual review of the IDP is provided by SOPH. In order to review compliance, the completed and signed Individual Student Progress Report Form for each student enrolled in the program is to be provided to SOPH by June 1st of each year. Please note that copies of the Individual Development Plans will not be collected.