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Grievance/Complaint Policy

Students have the right to complain, whether verbally or in writing, regarding any area of academic or student life without fear of coercion, harassment, intimidation, or reprisal from the institution or its employees.  Students also have the right to expect a timely response to any complaint related to student life. However, defamatory or baseless charges may cause a student to be held responsible for violations of institutional policies or for action through the courts.

If a student has a complaint, grievance, or concern based on academic, personnel, research, ethical, policy or non-academic issues in instances where an existing institutional policy does not apply, the student should first discuss the issue at hand with his/her mentor or faculty advisor and/or director of the graduate program in which the students is enrolled. If satisfaction is not received, the student should contact the SoPH Associate Dean of Student Affairs according to the procedure outlined below.  

  • The student should submit the complaint to the SoPH Associate Dean of Student Affairs. The complaint should contain (at a minimum) the date and time of the alleged conflict or action and a summary of the complaint.
  • The SoPH Associate Dean of Student Affairs will submit by email to the student any resolution of the complaint within 10 business days of the complaint being filed. In order to achieve this, the SoPH Associate Dean of Student Affairs may attempt to arrange a conference with the student, encourage discussion between the student(s) and a faculty member/administrator, or take other appropriate action.
  • If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, the SoPH Associate Dean of Student Affairs may choose to the review the complaint and resolution to the dean of the SoPH. The decision of the dean will be final.
  • A record of all complaints and their resolution will be documented and the records will be kept in the SoPH Associate Dean of Student Affairs office.
  • As an alternative, students may choose to submit a complaint directly through the UMMC Office of Student Affairs “complaints, comments, suggestions or requests” link. Through this site, complaints may be made anonymously if desired. Complaints that are related to overall institutional policy or procedures will be resolved by the UMMC Office of Student Affairs. Associate Dean of Student Affairs office.