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Grading Policy

Grades for academic credit will be awarded based on a 4 point grading scale. Grades are reported as a percentage which are converted into a letter grade and reported on the transcript according to the following rubric: A, 90-100; B, 80-89; C, 70-79; F, 0-69. Under such a scale a grade of A is assessed 4 point, a B 3 points, a C 2 points, and an F 0 points. A grade of C or below is not acceptable for graduate credit but is included in the calculation of the student’s GPA unless the course is successfully remediated. An overall GPA greater than or equal to 3.0 must be maintained. 

Individual programs may have specific academic requirements in addition to those stated here. 

In certain courses a mark of P is given to indicate that a student has received graduate credit but has been assigned no point grade in the course. For example, official credit for satisfactory scholastic performance in seminars, journal clubs, research, and preparation of the dissertation, thesis, or practice transformation practicum may be recorded as P. However, in courses approved for the P mark, course directors may assign the grade of F.

An Incomplete (I) may be assigned with the approval of the dean when the student has not completed a course within the enrollment period. Graduate students receiving the mark of I must complete the course work within 12 months from the time the grade was assigned, unless the course director requires an earlier completion date. 

A course instructor may change a reported grade only if the original grade was incorrectly assigned due to clerical or computational error, or if a student meets the requirements for the removal of an “I” mark.