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Financial Aid Good Academic Standing Policy

All students must remain in good academic standing for purposes of continued financial support, i.e. Dean’s scholarship and federal and state loans.  These standards are reviewed at the end of each spring term, and any student failing to meet these requirements will be placed on financial aid suspension. Students on financial aid suspension are ineligible to receive state/federal student aid or institutional scholarships (i.e. Deans’ Scholarship).

Once a student is placed on financial aid suspension, a review of academic progress will be assessed after each graded term.  If a student is deemed to be in good academic standing, the student will be removed from financial aid suspension and will once again be eligible to receive aid, loans, and institutional scholarships. Any student that does not meet the requirements for good academic standing within one academic year, will no longer be eligible for institutional scholarship, aids, or loans.

In addition, requirements of Satisfactory Academic Progress set forth by the Office of Student Financial Aid must also be met to receive federal financial aid. For more information on these requirements, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid website.