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Dress Code Policy

As members of the academic and professional community we are expected to adhere to certain standards of dress and professionalism. A dress code is not intended to stifle individuality or be restrictive; rather, it is an attempt to help make the transition from student to professional. Students, faculty, and staff are expected to dress appropriately and in good taste as they represent themselves, their academic institution and their profession in the community.

Medical Center policy requires that all employees and students wear their identification badges at all times while on campus and in any other facilities which are operated by the Medical Center, or in which the student is engaged in research experience. The badge should be worn with the name and photo clearly visible on the front, upper torso affixed to a collar, pocket, lapel, or displayed on a short break-away neck strap close to the face.

Appropriate standards for dress must be followed in all educational, research, and/or clinical settings, and any time there is interaction with others in an academic or professional setting, inside or outside of UMMC. 

Observed lapses in appropriate dress by students will be brought to the student’s attention by the supervising faculty member or the academic program director. If after two warnings, lapses in appropriate dress continue to be observed, a disciplinary process will be initiated. 

Lapses in appropriate dress by faculty or staff will be addressed by the employee’s direct supervisor as needed. Continued failure to adhere to expectations for appropriate dress will lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

These recommendations for dress are expected to be adhered to any time the students are in the hospital/research/clinical setting or at any time they interact with others at UMMC.