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Appeal of Dismissal Policy

Dismissal of a student from the Bower School of Population Health for academic or non-academic reasons such as unprofessional behavior, scientific misconduct or cause is initiated by the program director of the student's program. A recommendation is submitted in writing to the dean of the Bower School of Population Health. Following approval of a recommendation for dismissal by the dean of the Bower School of Population Health and after written notification, the student has the right to appeal. Course grades cannot be appealed.

  • The Office of the Dean notifies the student through formal notification by the student’s UMMC email account of the decision to dismiss and all necessary details related to the implementation of that decision. Copies of the notification are sent to the program director of the student’s academic program.
  • Written notification to the student includes a statement of the Appeals Process and the deadline for appeal.
  • Appeal of the decision must be made by the student, in writing, to the dean of the SoPH within 14 days of receipt of the letter of notification.
  • The Leadership Council shall act as the appeal body for all matters concerning dismissal. Upon receipt of a valid request for appeal, the dean of the SoPh shall call a meeting of the Leadership Council to hear information from both the student and the program. During an appeal before the Leadership Council, the student shall have the right to counsel and may present witnesses and other documentation as may seem pertinent. Leadership Council members who had direct input into the recommendation for dismissal shall be excused from this deliberation process. The decision of the members of the Leadership Council who have heard the appeal will be determined by written ballot.
  • The dean of the SoPH shall inform the student and the director of the student’s program in writing of the decision. This decision by the dean of SoPH shall be final. The student shall have the right to file a procedural appeal in writing to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs within five (5) working days. In the case that a procedural violation is found to have occurred, the case will be returned to the point of procedural issue and readdressed.