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Course Load Policy

A full-time course load in the Bower School of Population Health is 9 credit hours per semester except for the summer term when 1 credit hour is sufficient. A student who is admitted to candidacy and is working on a thesis or dissertation may be classified as a full-time student while registering for one credit hour, following request by student’s advisor and program director. Student and advisor must complete the required Registration Approval Form.

A part-time student is one who is enrolled for less than full-time research and study. Since some programs within the SoPH allow for both full-time and part-time study, students should consult their program director to determine the criteria for maintaining full-time status within their program.

Listed below are the requirements that determine student status for official enrollment certification purposes by the Office of the Registrar and for financial assistance. Students must be enrolled in at least half time status to receive federal student loans, be covered for health/medical insurance, or to defer repayment of student loans.

EnrollmentFull-timeFall and spring (9 hours plus)(1 hour)
Summer (1 hour)

A minimum of 30 credit hours is required for a MS degree and must be completed within 6 years from the date of first registration.

A minimum of 60 credit hours (or 30 credit hours beyond a master’s degree in the same UMMC SoPH degree program) for a PhD degree.  Completion of a PhD degree must take no more than five years following admission to candidacy.

Some programs may require more than 60 hours to meet the requirements for the graduation.