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Mission, Vision and Values

The Bower School of Population Health will serve an important role in accomplishing the mission of UMMC by:

  • Educating future researchers and clinicians in the science of population health. Graduates of the School of Population Health will be expected to assume academic, administrative and clinical roles in health care, population health, academia and private industry. They will help shape the provision of health care, population health, and public health services in the state in the coming decades and thereby improve the health of Mississippians.
  • Contributing to the UMMC clinical enterprise through the development and implementation of healthcare quality improvement interventions, developing creative approaches for identifying and intervening with high risk patient populations and developing programs to reduce health disparities.
  • Conducting transformative population health-related research studies that contribute to the scholarly enterprise of UMMC, support the clinical mission through the implementation of cost-effective, population health management initiatives, and research studies that positively impact the population-level health status of Mississippians.