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The people here are just about the friendliest you'll ever meet. And there are so many fun things to do in Jackson, the capital and the largest city in Mississippi. The UMMC campus ties together the city's two most vibrant neighborhoods - Belhaven and Fondren. So many places to discover in the metro area, not to mention a hundred events, from art festivals to antique shows and symphony concerts to sports classics. When it comes to exciting things to see and do, we've got it going on.

Mississippi, nicknamed the Magnolia State, is home to overĀ 2 million citizens residing in its nearly 49,000 square miles. Bordered by Alabama on the east, Tennessee on the north, Arkansas and Louisiana on the west, and Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico on the south, Mississippi is the 31st most populous state in the United States. The name is thought to come from an Indian term meaning "great river." Indeed the mighty Mississippi River runs almost all of the western boundary of the state. The state boasts a diverse cultural heritage with a long list of famous residents from writers and musicians to physicians and leaders.

Jackson is home to the M-Braves baseball team as well as some of the state's premier museums. It also maintains a system of 27 parks and recreation areas - many within a short drive from Jackson.

Many sights and sounds await you in the Magnolia State, from the Delta Blues Festival to the Canton Flea Market.


Diversity and inclusion are integral to the core mission and vision of UMMC and its three mission areas - health care, research, and education. UMMC commits to attracting and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce and student body in order to achieve mission-driven outcomes among the UMMC community. In addition, teaching, curricula, and learning environments must foster a culture inclusiveness where individuals are respected and differences are recognized as strengths that enhance the educational and patient-care experience.