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Person Empowered Asthma Relief Study (PREPARE)

Do you know someone living with asthma? This study, referred to as PREPARE, tests a different way to treat asthma symptoms using approved asthma medicine in a new way.

Who can participate?

The study includes partners who meet certain age- and health-related issues, including:

  • African American adults ages 18-75 diagnosed with asthma


  • Hispanic/Latino adults ages 18-75 diagnosed with asthma

What does participation involve?

If the study is right for you and you choose to take part, you can expect the following:

  • One in-person visit to complete several surveys. This visit will take 90-120 minutes.
  • You may be assigned to a study group that is asked to use approved asthma medicine in a new way.
  • Once a month, for 15 months, complete a short survey about your asthma symptoms. 
  • Compensation is offered.

For more information

  • Principal Investigator: Gailen D. Marshall Jr., MD, PhD
    (601) 815-5527
  • University of Mississippi Medical Center
    2500 N. State St.
    Jackson, MS 39216
  • IRB - FWA00003630