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FAQ - Grants and Contracts

What all do I need to submit to the OSP for review/approval of my grant proposal?
Per the UMMC Proposal Submission Policy, the OSP requires that you send your completed grant application, including a detailed budget and scope of work along with a UMMC transmittal form signed by you and your department chair at least five (5) business days in advance of the sponsor's deadline, or the date you want the OSP to submit the proposal on your behalf, whichever comes first to

Do I need to register in prior to submitting a federal grant?
No. UMMC is registered in and other required systems (SAM, DUNS, etc.) that allow our faculty and staff to apply for federal grant opportunities. The only registration that is required by the PI is registration in the sponsor's application management system (eRA Commons, DOD eBRAP, ProposalCentral, etc.). Email any OSP Pre-Award staff member for assistance with registration in these systems.

Do you need to review/approve my pre-application before it's submitted to the sponsor?
If your pre-application does not contain a budget or indicate any institutional commitments including effort, space, funding, or other resources (e.g.-only your "good idea" or science), the OSP does not need to review it prior to submission. Our review will, however, be needed if/when a full proposal is requested from the sponsor.

What all are you looking at when you do your review?
The OSP reviews your application to ensure all of UMMC's and the sponsor's policies/guidelines have been followed. When reviewing your budget, the OSP ensures that the correct salaries, fringe and F&A rates are being used and that no cost shares are being committed to the sponsor. We also compare your budget to your budget justification to make sure the numbers match. When reviewing your application, the OSP checks to make sure the correct institutional information is included, page limits and other format guidelines are followed, and the correct information is included for assurance purposes.

What am I responsible for completing and what can the OSP help me with?
PI's are responsible for completing the transmittal form, detailed budget and for compiling the grant application. The OSP can assist you by providing grant application packages prefilled with institutional information, budget templates, and in interpreting sponsor, institutional, and solicitation guidelines. We also are here to answer any questions you may have about the transmittal, grant application or other research contracts.

What is UMMC's DUNS number, tax ID number, EIN, fringe rate, F&A rate, etc.?
All of UMMC's institutional information can be found in our Fast Facts.

How can I find out about funding opportunities that coincide with my area of expertise?
Visit our Funding Opportunities page to learn more about the services the OSP can offer you and for a listing of grant opportunities. The OSP also periodically sends out funding notices via the Research listserv.

What does the Pre-Award Division process, and how does that differ from the Post-Award Division?
The Pre-Award Division processes all research-related grants and contracts and any sponsored programs when they are in the application/initial contract stage. This includes, but is not limited to: grant applications, subaward proposals, clinical trial agreements, CDAs, MTAs, subcontracts, progress reports, JIT information and research contracts. The Pre-Award Division also negotiates and accepts awards prior to activity setup.

Once an award is made, a research agreement is executed, and the applicable assurances are in place, the Pre-Award Division transfers the information to the Post-Award Division for activity setup. The Post-Award Division will handle all post-award activities, with the exception of technical progress report submissions and NIH first-time no cost extensions which are handled by the Pre-Award Division. The Post-Award Divisions monitors all expenditures, labor distributions and effort reporting for sponsored programs.

How do I request a second no-cost extension?
Initial no-cost extension requests are handled through OSP Pre-Award and generally include an automatic approval via the application management system or a letter requesting the initial no-cost extension. Requests for second no-cost extensions should be handled through OSP Post-Award. Send Suzy Campbell an email that includes the following information:

  • A brief interim progress report on what has been accomplished since the last progress report
  • The length of the extension requested (no longer than 12 months)
  • The exact balance of funds available for us during the proposed extension
  • A detailed budget submitted on the PHS form page 4 and 5 identifying the specific project expenses
  • List of publications submitted to PubMED
  • The budgetary purposes for which the balance will be used
  • Identification of other sources of funding available to assist in the completion of the goals if the current balance is not sufficient
  • Current IACUC or IRB approval (as appropriate)
  • A statement that all assurances remain in place