Core Facilities

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  • Equipment Repair Core

    Where: N536
    When: Tuesdays
    Who: PTS Inc
    Contact: Lane Smith or
    Anthony Montgomery
    (601) 932-3222 or

    UMMC Phone: (601) 815-9181Phoenix Technical Services, Inc. (PTS), a locally owned company, will provide integrated repair and preventative maintenance services on-site to the UMMC research departments. Below is a partial list of research equipment that can be serviced by PTS. The list is not exhaustive, so contact PTS for other items. PTS also provides limited custom fabrication and modification services.

    To address servicing larger systems such as Flow Cytometry (FACS), HPLC, & Mass Spec., PTS will take these on a case-by-case basis determining level of involvement in service based on documentation, technical support, parts availability, and comfort level with existing services.

    A technician will be on site every Tuesday to address service needs. The rest of the week a technician will be on call and available 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Whether the technician is on site or not, there are no travel charges and the $90 per hour billed in half -our increments still applies.

    Refrigeration services will be available before the end of the first quarter 2007. Those devices that have a refrigeration component can still be serviced at this time except for compressor failure or a refrigerant leak.
    "*"denotes refrigeration component (see above text)

    • Air sampling systems
    • Anaerobic chambers
    • Autoclaves
    • Automation control (PLC)
    • Automated sample handling
    • Balances
    • Bio safety cabinets ( service only)
    • Block heaters
    • Burettes ( Calibration & Repair)
    • Centrifuges*
    • Circulators
    • CO2 incubators
    • Convection incubators
    • Cryostats*
    • Data acquisition (Data loggers)
    • Desiccators
    • DI water systems
    • Digestion systems
    • Diluters and dispense
    • Distillers
    • EEG
    • EKG systems
    • Electrophoresis systems
    • Environmental chambers*
    • Evaporators
    • Fermentors
    • Fraction collectors
    • Freezers*
    • Refrigerators*
    • Gamma counters
    • Homogenizers
    • Hot plates
    • Hybridization systems
    • Imaging systems
    • Liquid scintillation*
    • Low temp freezers*
    • Microplate readers
    • Microscopes
    • Microtome
    • Millipore water systems
    • Mixers
    • Muffle furnaces
    • Ovens
    • PH meters
    • Physiological monitoring and recording
    • Pipettes (repair and calibration per ISO 8655) calibration prices
    • Power supplies
    • Pumps and compressors
    • Refrigerated water baths*
    • Rotators
    • Shakers
    • Spectrophotometers
    • Sterilizers
    • Temperature systems
    • Tensile and compression test systems
    • Thermometers (repair and calibration)
    • Tissue processing systems
    • Tissue staining system
    • Vortexers
    • Water baths
    • Water purification systems