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The Neuroscience Institute is an affiliation between UMMC and Methodist Rehabilitation Center

Neuro Institute

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Neuro Institute

The Neuro Institute is a multi-department, multi-institution collaborative with a mission to integrate high quality health care, ground-breaking research, and innovative educational programs within the field of neuroscience.

UMMC’s strength as an academic medical center makes it an ideal location to pursue collaborative projects. The institute complements and builds upon existing areas of strength in neuroscience to discover new cures and develop improved treatments.

Established in 2016, we aim to:

  • Build partnerships among departments, schools and hospitals, based on a model of shared governance, and working together across traditional boundaries
  • Serve as an “open umbrella” to bring people, departments and organizations together to address major public health issues related to the brain and nervous system
  • Focus on developing selected areas of excellence and opportunity, each integrating all three domains of health care, research and education

Our members include researchers, educators, physicians and other health care providers in the departments of Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences, Neurology, Psychiatry and Human Behavior, and Neurosurgery at UMMC, as well as the Methodist Rehabilitation Center.

Neuroscience is a broad field that encompasses all diseases of the nervous system. The Neuroscience Institute’s three focal points – addiction, neurotrauma and stroke –  represent areas of opportunity for integration and growth of healthcare, research and education.


Health care does not advance without research. At the Neuro Institute, basic, clinical and translational scientists make discoveries that we hope lead to new treatments.

Our pilot grant program provides seed funding to explore new research ideas and to build collaborative research projects across departments and institutions.

The Neuro Institute is also excited to be a key part of the University of Mississippi Flagship Constellations Program “Brain Wellness”, which aims to find solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges.

As the Neuro Institute expands, we intend to recruit additional researchers in addiction, neurotrauma and stroke, and explore opportunities for large-scale, collaborative research grants that span our departments and organizations.


Multi-disciplinary education is essential if we are to prepare the next generation of physicians and scientists to tackle the problems of nervous system health and disease. We aim to improve neuroscience training and knowledge on and off-campus through multiple initiatives. These include:

  • The creation of an innovative integrated neuroscience curriculum for medical students, that spans all four years of medical school;
  • Continued growth of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience, which provides cross-cutting interdisciplinary research training for PhD and MD/PhD students;
  • Development of new, inter-professional course offerings in neuroscience, in which medical, dental, graduate, nursing, and health science students learn side-by-side;
  • Community outreach to expand public awareness of brain health and nervous system disease.

Clinical care

The Neuro Institute is committed to improving access, quality and efficiency of care for neurologic, psychiatric, and neurosurgical disorders, and to developing novel treatments for neurotrauma, stroke, addiction and other nervous system disorders. Working with Methodist Rehabilitation Center and other collaborators, we are working toward integrated models of healthcare that span the continuum from acute to chronic, and improve brain health and recovery from nervous system disease.