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auchus,-alexander.jpgAlexander Auchus, MD
Interest: Neurology
Subfield: Clinical neuroscience
bidwell_gene.jpgLee Bidwell, PhD
Interests: Targeted drug delivery; developmental cancer therapeutics; therapeutic peptides
Subfield: Molecular neuroscience
Coolen, Lique.jpg

Lique Coolen, PhD
Interests: Drug addictions, social behavior, spinal cord injury
Subfield: Behavioral neuroscience; molecular neuroscience; neuro-endocrinology; neuropharmacology

Alberto Del Arco, PhD
Interests: Neurophysiology
Subfield: Molecular neuroscience

Lir-Wan Fan, PhD
Interests: Developmental origin of disease; neurodegeneration; Parkinson's disease
Subfield: Developmental neuroscience

freeman,-kevin_psy-web.jpgKevin Freeman, PhD
Interests: Drug addiction; behavioral pharmacology
Subfield: Neuropharmacology
gomez-sanchez, celso.jpgCelso Gomez-Sanchez, MD
Interest: Hypertension
Subfield: Molecular neurobiology
gomez-sanchez,-elise.pngElise Gomez-Sanchez, PhD
Interest: Endocrinology; diabetes; metabolism
Subfield: Neuro-endocrinology; molecular neuroscience
Grayson, Bernadette.jpgBernadette Grayson, PhD
Interest: Obesity; spinal cord injury
Subfield: Neuro-endocrinology; behavioral neuroscience; developmental neuroscience
huskinson,-sally.jpgSally Huskinson, PhD
Interest: Substance abuse; behavioral pharmacology; environmental effects on behavior
Subfield: Behavioral neuroscience
may,-paul.jpgPaul May, PhD
Interest: Neuro-anatomy; oculomotor systems; brain stem
Subfield: Sensorimotor neuroscience
miguel-hidalgo, jose 2015.jpgJavier Miguel-Hidalgo, PhD
Interest: Substance use disorders; depression
Subfield: Molecular neuroscience
mosley, tom.jpgThomas Mosley, PhD
Interest: Neuro-epidemiology; brain aging
Subfield: Clinical neuroscience
pang,-yi01053117web.jpgYi Pang, PhD
Interest: Developmental origin of disease; neurodegeneration; Parkinson's disease
Subfield: Clinical neuroscience
platt,-donna-web.jpgDonna Platt, PhD
Interest: Substance abuse; pharmacotherapies; pharmacogenetics
Subfield: Neuropharmacology; behavioral neuroscience
rajkowska,-grazyna.jpgGrazyna Rajkowska, PhD
Interest: Neuro-anatomy; histopathology; depression
Subfield: Molecular neuroscience
Reneker, Jennifer.jpgJennifer Reneker, PhD
Interest: Concussion; traumatic brain injury
Subfield: Clinical neuroscience
rowlett,-james_2013-psy-web.jpgJames Rowlett, PhD
Interest: Substance abuse; anxiety disorders; neuro-inflammation
Subfield: Neuropharmacology; behavioral neurosciences
shaffery,-james.jpgJames Shaffery, PhD
Interest: Rapid eye movement sleep; sleep function; synaptic plasticity
Subfield: Molecular neuroscience
spanovich,-christopher_oto2015web.jpgChristopher Spankovich, AuD, PhD
Interest: Pathophysiology and prevention of acquiring hearing deficits
Subfield: System auditory neurophysiology
Stockmeier, Craig.gifCraig Stockmeier, PhD
Interest: Depression; alcohol use disorders; postmortem brain analysis
Subfield: Molecular neuroscience; clinical neuroscience
tansey,-keith022916web.jpgKeith Tansey, MD, PhD
Interest: Spinal cord injury; neural plasticity; translational neuroscience
Subfield: Clinical neuroscience; sensorimotor neuroscience

Kemal Topaloglu, MD
Interest: Neuro-endocrine control of puberty
Subfield: Neuro-endocrinology; molecular neuroscience; developmental neuroscience

vallender,-eric_2014psy-wweb.jpgEric Vallender, PhD
Interest: Substance abuse; epigenetics
Subfield: Molecular neuroscience
vetter,-douglas.jpgDouglas Vetter, PhD
Interest: Auditory system; cochlear function
Subfield: Sensorimotor neuroscience; molecular neuroscience; developmental neuroscience
vig,-parminder.jpgParminder Vig, PhD
Interest: Cerebellar ataxias; neurodegenerative diseases; therapeutic peptide delivery
Subfield: Molecular neuroscience
Wallace, Kedra.jpgKendra Wallace, PhD
Interest: Pregnancy; inflammation; postpartum depression
Subfield: Behavioral neuroscience
walters,-bradley-web.jpgBradley Walters, PhD
Interest: Hearing; regeneration; nervous system development
Subfield: Sensorimotor neuroscience; molecular neuroscience; developmental neuroscience

Junming Wang, PhD
Interest: Alcohol use disorders; Alzheimer's disease; Parkinson's disease
Subfield: Molecular neuroscience; behavioral neuroscience


Susan Warren, PhD
Interest: Proprinoception; oculomotor system; trigeminal system
Subfield: Sensorimotor neuroscience

warrington,-j-paula_physlgy2013web.jpgPaula Warrington, PhD
Interest: Cerebrovascular abnormalities in preeclampsia
Subfield: Molecular neuroscience
zhou,-wu.jpgWu Zhou, PhD
Interest: Vestibular system; traumatic brain injury; neural plasticity
Subfield: Sensorimotor neuroscience