Center for Integrative Health

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About the Center for Integrative Health

The UMMC Center for Integrative Health (CIH) offers a patient-centered approach that strongly considers the strengths, goals and circumstances of each patient in order to optimize their long-term health and wellness. The CIH treatment team is highly skilled in addressing the physical, medical, emotional and psychological needs of patients by providing the tools necessary for patients to successfully manage their medical condition through healthy lifestyles choices. 

The emphasis is not only on managing the disease, but also on establishing a healthy lifestyle. The CIH seeks to empower individuals to maximize their bodies’ innate ability to heal and achieve a sense of balance through wellness education, nutrition, physical activity/movement, stress management, spiritual enhancement, healthy relationships, resiliency, as well as conventional therapies.

The mission of CIH is for the individual to evolve from a state of illness to a life of wellness.